10 Videos to Elevate Your Business Growth


Video, it’s the content format that just keeps on giving. Thanks to its immense versatility, videos have the ability to enhance your business in all kinds of ways, many you may not have ever considered. From getting in front of more potential customers and getting more of those potential customers to the checkout and beyond, as well as growing your staff base to keep up with the work demand. Video can help you do it all. Check out 10 types of video content which will help your company reach new heights.


1. Launch Videos

Whether it’s the launch of your entire company, a product, a new store or an offer, a bespoke launch video is the ideal way to introduce your audience to all the wonderful newness! After all of the time and energy put into the launch, unless you shout about it and create awareness, your efforts will be wasted. Grab your audience's attention with a video that builds a buzz around the launch, while encompassing your new or existing brand. Building a story around your launch which connects with your audience is a great way to resonate with them, establish trust and drive action. This could be achieved through a standalone video or a series of sneak peek videos which build the hype towards your launch date before the big reveal.

Launching a new flagship store certainly deserves a video and that’s exactly what we delivered for IKEA. Check out the full video below to see how our team managed to intrinsically weave the new IKEA Greenwich store into the diverse tapestry of London culture.

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2. Testimonial Videos

Our decision-making process is heavily influenced by emotion, and what gets us right in the feels? A real-life story! Otherwise known within the marketing world as social proof. Videos offer an impactful way to present social proof, viewers feel closer to those presenting their story than with just text. Seeing and hearing previous customers share their experiences provides a level of authenticity which simply can’t be achieved in any other format. How the testimonial is filmed and edited will make a huge difference to its success. They should be personable, interesting and offer a genuine insight into your service or product.

Social proof isn’t limited just to B2C companies, if you’re in the B2B world check out the video below. Our in-house film team have collaborated with several Autodesk clients to showcase the industry-leading software in action, however, the main purpose of these videos is to let the client do the talking (and selling!). Hear first-hand how architecture and design giant Foster + Partners are able to achieve brilliance with Autodesk’s innovative technology.

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3. Explainer Videos

An explainer video is typically a short but sweet animated video that summarises your business pitch in a fun, witty and memorable way. The good ones are both educational and entertaining, generally explaining what your company offers, what problem it solves for your customers and why your solution is the best option on the market.

Explainer videos are also perfect when it comes to launching new products and services, particularly if a new product is highly technical or revolutionary within its industry. 

Our animated explainer video for Intelligent introduces viewers to their unique offering and key benefits with on-brand motion graphics and friendly character animation, leaving the audience excited to find out more and benefit for themselves.

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4. Social Campaigns

Social media now plays an essential role in many multi-channel marketing campaigns. Platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram can be great for building brand awareness, generating leads, sales and even app installs. With so much control over the demographics that your ads reach, social campaigns can offer a highly-targeted solution for marketers.

The main challenge here is to create a video that makes people stop their aimless scroll, pay attention and take action.

World Animal Protection’s social campaign video for World Oceans Day 2019 strikes the perfect balance of both visually engaging and highly emotive. With a message to send to the whole world, the video needed to transcend language and culture. Carefully selected footage and images, along with clear supportive graphics allowed this to be achieved.

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5. TVC

TVC simply stands for television commercial. Despite the rise of online and on-demand video services (such as YouTube and Netflix), TV still accounts for a huge majority of viewer’s video time. It’s reach, trust and effectiveness make it a sought-after platform to feature on. That being said, with the tempting call of the kettle to compete with, your TVC still needs to stand out and grab the audience’s attention. Unique, memorable TV ads which establish an instant connection with the audience are the ones which deliver ROI. Of course how you achieve this depends on your product or service, your target audience and your brand.

Stunning, photorealistic CGI which bursts out of your screen was the way to go for Hisense and their first ever UK TVC. A variety of their products are showcased in this fun yet stylish commercial which looks good enough to reach out and touch.

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6. Recruitment Videos

Business growth isn’t sustainable without a growing workforce to meet the increasing demand in all areas of a flourishing business. Recruitment is essential, however, it comes with its own challenges and can be an expensive process. The good news is that video can help! Before applying for your job vacancies, candidates want to know if they’ll fit into your culture. They want to see how real employees interact, dress and talk - do they seem like smart, friendly people who welcome new colleagues and ideas?

Video is an ideal way to show candidates your company’s perks and benefits, which could be your competitive advantage for attracting the best talent. A well-crafted recruitment video injects personality into your company and distinguishes it from the rest. Get it right and job seekers will want to be a part of your team. Like the recruitment campaign video we produced for Featurespace. Viewers hear directly from their potential future colleagues about the values at the heart of Featurespace. They hear about how staff are supported and work collaboratively. They hear about the freedom of autonomy, the variety of work and the reward that comes with solving new challenges every day. Showcasing all of these aspects were key to attracting applicants whose strengths align with the Featurespace ethos.

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7. Product Demo

Product demonstration videos are another extremely powerful tool for moving a prospective customer from browser to buyer. Offering demo videos of your product or service gives you the chance to directly answer any questions your prospective customers may have. Use demo videos to showcase the unique features and benefits without feeling like a sales pitch. By making viewers comfortable with the product and overcoming scepticism about the results it can deliver, the selling process is made significantly easier.

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8. Internal Comms

Internal communications play a pivotal role in all businesses. Whether you’re updating staff on company policies, internally launching a new product, or introducing your new CEO to the workforce. 

Tones and intentions can get lost in emails and other traditional forms of communication. With video, you can inject personality and emotions into your announcement. Using a talking heads video with your CEO or crafting a bespoke animated explainer video are both excellent approaches to creating engaging and meaningful internal announcement videos. A little like this brand-centric animation we created for Macmillan Cancer Support.

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9. Staff Training

Keeping employees educated and informed, no matter where they're based is vital for the future of all companies. Video provides the ideal format to deliver educational content to your workforce. Complex ideas can be coherently explained through video while avoiding the need to gather employees together for large-scale events.

Developing an archive of training videos is also a fantastic resource for any company and can be referenced any number of times in the future. Our training videos for Sheerline use a mix of filmed footage and motion graphics to enhance key information and reinforce the viewers learning.

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10. Meet the Team/Behind the Scenes

If your company offers a service which involves working directly with your team, it can be valuable to create a video which gives customers a glimpse inside your company culture and introduces them to the team. The video below for Bathroom Brands offers a unique look behind the scenes at their UK showroom, giving viewers an insight into their culture and creating a bond beyond a purely transactional relationship.

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So there you have it, we hope you’ve been inspired by the versatility and power of video to take your company to the next level. Got an idea brewing for your next company video? Our in-house team of directors, producers and motion graphic designers are on hand to handcraft your video from an idea into reality. Get in touch with our friendly team today to discuss your brief and explore options.

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