10 Ways to Repurpose your Marketing Video

Repurposing your video content has so many benefits to your marketing that it just doesn’t make sense not to do it. You’ll gain exposure on new marketing channels (and therefore new audiences), extend the shelf life of your content and ease the pressure of the grind that is content creation. Ultimately repurposing video content maximises its potential while squeezing every penny of value out of the original video. So how else can you use your video? Keep reading to discover ten new pieces of content you can get from your video.

1. Turn your video into a podcast

While video is the ultimate content format (we’re not being biased, promise), it’s quite demanding on the human senses which can restrict when it can be consumed. Your audience can’t watch your videos while driving, cooking, walking the dog, etc. However, they could listen to a podcast version of your video. Problem solved!

Podcasts have experienced an unprecedented rise in popularity over the last decade, most likely due to them solving the above problem. We are always looking to consume new content, even better when it adds some excitement to a mundane task. Tap into this huge audience by converting your video into a podcast and significantly increase your message’s reach.

Podcasts are generally expected to be long form content so while your video will form the basis of the podcast, you may need to expand on the video’s content and offer additional value to your audience and keep them engaged.


2. Create infographics from your video

Due to their visual appeal and ability to convey a lot of key information quickly, infographics are a very popular form of content. Their strength lies in conveying complex information and data in a digestible and attractive way. You can look at an infographic for just a few moments and be able to take away the key points.

You’ll need to identify how to condense the information in your video. Look for data, research, quotes and headlines in order to really celebrate the core messages which have the most value. Combine these nuggets of information in a stylised infographic that is consistent with your branding and you’ll have a wonderfully fresh piece of content ready to go.


3. Convert your video into a blog post

You may have already converted a blog into a video but have you thought of doing the opposite? If not, what are you waiting for?

Instead of having to write a blog from scratch, simply transcribe your video and upload this text to your blog under the embedded video. That way, however, your visitor wants to consume your content, all bases are covered. Not only that but you’ll be winning major SEO points as those clever little web bots will now have an abundance of text to crawl and make sense of your video, helping them serve it to relevant web searches.

Increase traffic by mentioning that the blog features a video in the title to entice more visitors.


4. Turn long-form videos into a series of bitesize videos

While less common within marketing, there is certainly a place for long-form video content if the objective and message require it. Educational videos such as webinars, training videos and product demonstrations tend to be much longer than the standard 60-90 second marketing videos. However, there’s nothing stopping you from carefully dissecting your longer video into a series of short videos. All the sudden, what was one video is now five!

The question now is what can you do with all of these new videos at your disposal?

The most effective way to make this content go even further is to release the videos one by one in a video series. You can of course do this via your social media platforms, on YouTube (with all of the videos creating a playlist), or on your website with individual blog posts for each video. However, don’t forget the mighty email! Build an exciting email campaign around your new video series and drip feed your mailing list over days or weeks with each new video, teasing them at the end of each email with a sneak peek of what’s coming next. Sit back and watch those open rates soar.


5. Place videos on landing pages

You’ve put a lot of effort to get people to this page, now get them to stick around with a captivating video.

Don’t just put any video on your landing page though, it needs to match up with the intent that has resulted in your visitor being there. Landing pages are optimised towards specific keywords, so your video should match this or it will have the opposite effect and you’ll see that bounce rate creep up as visitors quickly leave. Get it right and you’ll see duration times and conversions start to climb.


6. Turn online webinars into video courses

We’ve talked briefly about webinars earlier and the value of slicing them up to create a video series. Well, we’re going to re-visit this idea, however, we’re going to go one step further and look at the opportunity to monetise this by turning it into a course.

If your video includes particularly valuable information then you could feasibly charge for access to this via an online course. You may be sitting on a gold mine of un-tapped videos prime for converting into an online course that people will benefit from and will provide you with a new revenue stream.

If you’re currently planning a webinar, ensure the video will be recorded. Most popular webinar platforms have the option built in to automatically record so that you have a copy of the webinar immediately after.

If you don't feel confident enough to charge for access to your course, simply place your videos behind a lead capture form instead.


7. Combine testimonial videos to create a testimonial reel

If you’re in the fortunate position to have a library of video testimonials from happy customers, congratulations you’re definitely doing something right! Testimonials are invaluable marketing content for building trust and credibility. Having them in video format is even more powerful as viewers can see a real-life person just like them who has benefited from your product.

One testimonial is great. Two, three, four (and so on) is even better. When you’re comparing products on amazon, or a holiday resort on trip advisor, you don’t just look at the stars but also how many reviews it’s drawn from to check how reliable the average is. So it goes without saying that combining a number of testimonials only strengthens the trust and credibility.


8. Optimise for different platforms

Your audience is interacting with multiple platforms every day, so to make a real impact, your videos need to be across these. Did someone say multi-channel marketing campaign?

This type of marketing campaign is extremely effective at building brand recognition and authority. By using one video (or edits from one) across the campaign you’re ensuring messaging and visual consistency which are essential for a multi-channel campaign to be effective. Plus you’ll get your budget to go much further by avoiding having to invest in the production of several brand new videos.

Different platforms will have different video specifications (including length, file size, dimensions, orientation, etc.) so it’s important to check that your video can meet these requirements, or be edited to. We’ve created a guide to video length across the most popular social media platforms.


9. Marketing stills

Utilise the beautiful imagery within your video across your marketing material with stills taken straight from the footage. Not only do you get more use from your original content (and more bang for your buck) but you’ll also ensure visual consistency across your campaign (remember what we said in the previous section?).

This is possible with both film and animation. With animation there’s even more scope as assets (such as a model of your product) can be re-used to create a variety of marketing images, for example showing your product in different environments.


10. Create GIFS

You may think that GIFs are limited to injecting humour into your WhatsApp group conversation but their power goes way beyond casual social use. These bite-size videos are excellent marketing assets, instantly grabbing your audience’s attention. Their small file size makes them super mobile-friendly (always a big SEO tick) and their short format is extremely satisfying to our need for instant gratification.

Creating fun GIFs out of your latest marketing video is a great way to create extremely shareable content. If you have a 1-minute video, you could export dozens of GIFs and use them across social media platforms, email campaigns, blogs and even product pages.


Whether you’ve got a multi-channel video campaign on the horizon, or an existing video that you want to repurpose, the team at Posh Gecko can help you get the most use from your marketing videos. Contact the team today.

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