3D Product Explainer Video: Furukawa [Case Study]

Furukawa Electric Group are working towards the realisation of a sustainable society. Their development of advanced materials provides innovative solutions to a wide range of industries, improving efficiency and driving technological advancement.

One such innovation is their GREEN TROUGH system. Their brief to us: create a short product video which showcases the many product features and benefits, positioning GREEN TROUGH ahead of the competition. Our team thrived at the challenge, determined to exceed expectations they got straight to work designing a dynamic, sleek and memorable product video which would go above and beyond Furukawa's brief.

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Versatility was Key

The versatility of the product and it's possible applications influenced a number of design choices. Notably, the clean minimalist studio background which allows the video to remain relevant across the variety of industries that make up Furukawa's target audience.

Forward-thinking from the Furukawa team lead to the generation of two versions of the video. While the content remained largely the same, each video features specific branding throughout. Resulting in two fully bespoke 3D product videos created in a highly efficient way.

3D product explainer animation

Attention to Detail

As with any product video, the devil is in the detail. 3D motion graphics allow these intricacies to become even more vivid, bringing the trough system to life as it's many features are celebrated. To ensure this level of accuracy, our designers were provided with a sample of GREEN TROUGH to reference when finalising details such as the texture and shadowing. 

A lot to Say

With so much information to convey in a short time, text graphics were introduced to reinforce the video's key messages. Not wanting to detract from the graphics, this text was carefully integrated alongside trough system, seamlessly matching the dynamic movement and transitions.

In just two and a half minutes, audiences become informed about the wealth of key features and benefits of the product, it's sustainability, options of bespoke design services, the trough's applications across a range of sectors and the role it's played in major infrastructure projects across the world. Not bad for 158 seconds!

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