Introducing the DispenserONE® from SEKO

SEKO is one of the world’s leading manufacturers within the hygiene, water treatment and industrial process markets. Having collaborated on numerous video projects over the last few years, they tasked us to create a promotional video to launch their new hygiene product, the DispenserONE®.The video would not only be required to deliver the key features and benefits of the new dispenser system, it would also have to excite the audience and show why DispenserONE® is truly unique in this new Covid-19 world. 

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The Development Process

As the promotional video would show a detailed 3D representation of the product, we were first supplied with a CAD file, this allowed us to flawlessly bring the product to life. The next task was to distil the product features and extensive specification list into a series of shorter titles and weave them into the overall animation. As with all our 3D product videos, we first created an ‘animatic’ so the client could see our vision for the final video. Once the animatic was signed off, our team painstakingly applied photorealistic textures and lighting effects to the model, alongside the creation of a simple, yet effective environment to not to distract from the product. Additional motion graphics were added to deliver key messaging and keep the audience engaged.

SEKO DispenserONE® - standing out in a crowded marketplace

The final video was launched in August 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic. In what was quickly becoming a crowded marketplace, the SEKO DispenserONE® promotional video stood out from the crowd with its bold concept, creative design, a punchy soundtrack and clearly defined benefits over other hand sanitiser systems.

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