5 Considerations When Writing a Video Brief

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We’ve seen our fair share of video briefs over the years; the good, the bad and the down right ugly. There’s no strict rules when it comes to writing a video brief, however a good one will communicate key factors about your video to production agencies and give them a clear vision of what they need to achieve.

Within this post we’ll guide you through five essential factors that you need to consider when commissioning a video.


1. Purpose

Let’s start with the reason you’re looking to create a video in the first place. Are you aiming to build brand awareness, launch a new product or inform your staff about the latest company developments?

Each purpose will require a different approach to both the video production and the supportive marketing. For the production side of things, the answer will guide your entire project, from the style of the video, to required production time.

It’s vital that you have a clearly defined purpose for your video before you brief a production agency, so take some time to ensure that your vision of what you want the video to achieve is clear.

2. Audience

Ask yourself who will be viewing the video. Will it be aimed at specific age groups or will you be targeting people with certain lifestyles (e.g. frequent travellers, families, sports fans, etc.)? Understanding your target audience, how they interact with content and what influences them is vital across all marketing, with video being no exception.

Beyond demographics, it can also be useful to think about what relationship this audience already has with your company. Are they already familiar with you or are you stepping into new territory?

Defining your audience by considering the above will not only shape the style of your video, it will also help with determining the next step…

3. Distribution

…where is your video going to be viewed? Will it take centre stage on your website homepage? Or be watched on the go via social media? This is important to define before the production begins as the answer will influence the style, tone, format and length of your video.

An audience who will predominantly view your video on social media will be different from a captive audience at a presentation and different again to someone viewing it on your website homepage.

If your video is part of a multi-channel marketing campaign, your production company should be able to create several versions of your video, all optimised for the relevant platforms.

4. Budget

As with any bespoke product, it’s difficult to provide a fixed price for video production. Any company that advertises fixed prices are likely offering a ‘cookie-cutter’ mass-produced video, missing the handcrafted elements that will make your video stand out.

Each project is so intricately unique (one of the reasons that defining the elements outlined in the post is so important). Letting companies know your available budget will help establish what level of production can be achieved.

Not surprisingly, the more money you invest, the better the quality of the final product. Your budget will affect all areas of the production, this is true for both film and animation. The available budget will influence factors such as the amount of days required for concept development, filming, editing, developing and integrating bespoke motion graphics, location hire, actors and actresses, etc…

5. Deadline

It might sound obvious, but it is important that, if you have a deadline, you make this clear to your production company at the earliest opportunity.

Tight deadlines may mean a certain style of video isn't realistically achievable, for example, 3D and character animations can take longer to produce than filmed video or motion graphics. Your production company will be able to suggest concepts that are realistic within your timescale.


Final Notes

Stay open-minded - You’re going to be working with a professional company who have years of experience in crafting compelling video content. If you pick a gooden’ they’ll be super creative and capable of transforming your original brief into a masterpiece. Provide the basic details we’ve just run through and then let them pitch the rest to you.

Don’t sweat the small stuff - Your brief is just a starting point to open the conversation between yourselves and production agencies. Here at Posh Gecko, after receiving a brief we like to arrange a phone call to discuss the project in further detail and build a beautiful relationship (and video!) from there.

We’ve also put together a super handy glossary of film and animation terms so you can talk the talk when discussing your brief.

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