5 Ways to Increase Conversions Using Video

Use the power of video marketing to enhance your brand visibility and turn website visitors into clients. In this article you’ll discover 5 key elements to optimise your video content for increased conversions. 

1. Use Video on Your Landing Page

You’ve got a potential customer to your website, but the hard work’s not over yet. Your landing pages should be optimised to turn those hard-earned visitors into conversions, this could mean many things to you; an online purchase, event booking, lead generation or newsletter sign up. 

First things first, make sure the content of your landing page delivers the promises made within the ad, social post or email that got them there in the first place (i.e. if your social post is promoting a new product offer, make sure that’s the first thing your landing page shouts about). Get this wrong and you’ll see your bounce rates soar and conversions plummet as people leave disappointed that they didn’t get what was promised to them. Video presents the perfect solution here. Let a fully optimised, engaging and to-the-point video do the talking. Really bring your product, event or service to life and show (rather than tell) viewers exactly why they need your offering.


2. Testimonials Build Trust

Once your potential customers have made their way along your marketing funnel, many will need one final push to get them over into the all-important “conversion” group. This is when you need to step in with some gentle reassurance to build trust. A testimonial works wonders at this point. While you’ll often see written testimonials across websites, video reaches people on an emotional level which just can’t be done with letters on a screen. Seeing and hearing real people who have benefited from your service or product strengthens your brand in a very human way. 

How the testimonial is filmed and edited will make a huge difference to its success. They should be personable, interesting and offer a genuine insight into your service or product.


3. Product Demos

Product demonstration videos can be an extremely powerful tool for moving a prospective customer from browser to buyer. Consumers are now empowered by the internet to make an informed and educated decision about the products that they purchase. Offering demo videos of your product or service allows you to directly answer any questions they have, showcasing the unique features and benefits without feeling like a sales pitch. By making them comfortable with the product and overcoming skepticism about the results it can deliver, the selling process is made significantly easier.

Not only will product demo videos help highlight the quality and ease of use of your product, they’re also a great SEO tool. These videos will help get you in front of all of those people searching “how to…” “what’s the best way to…” etc, etc. positioning your product or service as the perfect solution!


4. Keep it Short. 

It can feel impossible to keep people’s attention these days. Distractions are everywhere offering instant gratification and a break from mundane duties (how many times have you glanced over at your phone in the last 5 minutes? Don’t worry, we don’t take it personally). This dwindling attention span is often viewed as one of the biggest challenges for marketers today. 

The solution? Videos of course! 

Video is far more effective at keeping viewers attention than text alone. With that said, video isn’t immune to those short attention spans. The reality is that no video has a 100% retention rate (even the ones with millions thrown at them from the worlds largest brands, so no need to go beating yourself up). The good news is that by tailoring your video’s content and length you can hit that perfect balance to optimise video engagement. Different types of videos will have different optimal lengths, this will mainly depend on their subject, target audience and distribution channel. Our experienced team can help identify the perfect length to keep viewers engaged in your bespoke video content.


5. Two Videos Are Better Than One

OK, we know we sound like we have a hidden agenda at this point but hear us out. What we really mean is that one video can be cleverly adapted to generate lots of new content. 

If you have more than one target audience or are implementing a multi-channel marketing strategy, you’ll already be tailoring your existing marketing content to best fit each of the above. Your video content should be no different. Taking one video and optimising it to each audience or platform is essential for getting the most out of your content. These variations may include adding subtitles, changing the video dimensions, voiceovers of different languages or creating “shorts”.

Don’t threat, more videos doesn’t mean quadrupling your video budget. In fact - and not all video production agencies will tell you this - it can be more economical as you’re not starting from scratch each time. Also consider whether assets from the video could be used across online or print marketing. When you sit down to plan your video, make sure you think of all the ways you can use the content to squeeze every last drop of value from it! Pssst we can help with this…


So, now you know how valuable video is to get those all-important conversions, let’s get creating! Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your next video project.

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