A Vibrant Explainer Animation Full of Character

This lively explainer animation needed to engage, educate and inspire viewers to take control of their career development and, of course, do so with the help of Monster. With a vibrant and established brand, our creative team were excited to develop a bespoke visual identity for the animation which celebrated the Monster brand and was instantly recognisable.

Style Development

The Monster team provided a clear script including visual references to demonstrate their vision. Our task was then to develop a bespoke animation style to reflect their distinctive branding and appeal to their young target audience. The first step of this development journey was creating style frames to demonstrate how our animators envisaged the narrative coming to life on screen. Character style exploration was an important element of this process as they needed to fit both the branding and resonate with the generation Z target audience.

monster explainer animation

The Subtle Details

Aside from the obvious branding considerations, Monster requested some subtle elements to be included. Our animators were able to seamlessly incorporate the negative space shapes taken from the Monster logo. Give the video another watch and you’ll notice these shapes appear throughout the video to give the clean background a more dynamic feel and, most importantly, be totally unique to Monster.

Bringing the Monster to Life

With the style, characters and a fully illustrated storyboard established, it was time to bring it all to life with animation. Our motion designer used a placeholder voice over to ensure the timing of the animation synced perfectly to the script being told while adding motion to all visual elements and fluid transitions between scenes. This provided another, fully animated, draft for the Monster team to review before the final voice over was selected and finishing details applied.

Beyond the voice over and background music, sound effects were carefully selected and added by our in-house team to give further life to the animation and add a more dynamic and engaging feel to actions. To expand it's use and reach, the final video was also broken down to create individual videos of each section, providing the Monster marketing team with a series of short videos to use across their social media platforms.

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