Animating Assassins

Author Johnny O’Brien contacted us directly looking for an animation studio to entrust with bringing his literary vision to life. Approaching the re-release of his debut book “Day of the Assassins: A Jack Christie Adventure” the short animation would be used as an immersive trailer, hooking audiences with explosive visuals and compelling characters.

This intricate animation presented an exciting challenge for our animators, requiring them to capture the intensity of emotions and vivid scenery to take viewers on a thrilling journey and leaving them wanting more.

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Attention to Detail

The starting point for our animators was to truly understand the story which they would be bringing to life. A deep dive into the pages which would be getting the animation treatment got their creative minds flowing, inspiring a vision for the initial storyboard.

It was crucial at this point to stay in regular communication with Johnny, ensuring that the look, style and feel of our team’s creations were a true reflection of the vision he had been developing for over a decade.

soldier character animation

Building Character

The characters are the very heart of this animation. So it was essential that our animators dedicated time to intricately handcraft their every detail, from their static appearance, to their individual facial expressions, body language and movement styles. After Effects plugins Joysticks ’n Sliders and Rubberhose were used to streamline this process and give fluidity and realism to the movements.

war scene animation

A Cinematic Look

Explosions, rubble, smoke and mirky water work together to create a truly immersive experience with a gritty and intense feel. A grainy overlay was applied to the entire video, adding to the authenticity. Sound effects of guns, planes and general destruction elevate the whole video to another level, transporting the viewer to the battlefield.

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