Attracting Top Talent With Recruitment Videos: Featurespace Case Study

Our recent recruitment video for Featurespace gives job seekers an authentic glimpse of their business, people, offices and values. Their vibrant branding and endearing outtakes let the company’s personality shine through, showing a business that any applicant would want to be part of.

Making Introductions

Before applying for a vacancy, candidates want to know if they’ll fit into your culture. How do your current employees interact, dress and talk - do they seem like smart, friendly people who welcome new colleagues and ideas? We worked closely with Featurespace to identify the best way to answer all of these questions.

Getting Acquainted

Viewers hear directly from their potential future colleagues about the values at the heart of Featurespace. They hear about how staff are supported and work collaboratively. They hear about the freedom of autonomy, the variety of work and the reward that comes with solving new challenges every day. Showcasing all of these aspects were key to attracting applicants whose strengths align with the Featurespace ethos.

The video grabs viewers attention from the very start with a unique opening scene which overloads the senses with shots and audio from several interviews. The pace doesn’t slow down from here, with quick cuts between colleagues introducing the company in a fun and memorable style. Throughout the video, viewers interest is held with a mixture of both interview angles and office b-roll. By the end of the video (if not sooner) you’ve been fully acquainted with the office and the personalities inside.

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