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The International Maritime Employers’ Council (IMEC) is the only international employers’ organisation dedicated to maritime industrial relations. Established over 50 years ago, they represent more than 250 shipping companies across the world.

IMEC have entrusted us with the production of several videos, all serving different purposes; from recruitment videos to comprehensive explainer animations. With an understanding of their core values, messages and goals, we’re able to handcraft bespoke content to act as a beacon for their global brand.

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How to Become an IMEC Cadet

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Meet the IMEC Cadets

To build awareness and attract candidates to their Cadet Training Programme, IMEC came to us with a brief for a short animation. They wanted to show a character bored with life at home before embarking on an adventure at sea! We proposed a contemporary animation style to appeal to the target age group and align with the IMEC branding.

Our animators brought one cadet’s story to life, showing the opportunities and support available from IMEC throughout the training process. Characters were transformed from illustrations to moving, relatable personalities within After Effects, using plugins like Joystick 'n Slidders and Rubberhose to apply natural movements and facial expressions.

Seamless transitions link scenes together and allow viewers to move through vibrant environments and character scenarios, providing viewers with a relatable character mirroring their own ambitions and potential.

A Filipino voice-over artist was selected to add authenticity to the video and familiarity for the target audience.

Telling a 50 Year Old Story

IMEC also came to us in need of an explainer video that took viewers on a visual journey through their worldwide story, whilst highlighting the many benefits of being an IMEC member.

With such a rich history, our animators were up against it. The challenge; condensing a story spanning over 50 years into a compelling and informative video.

How We Did It

Armed with a full script and brand guidelines, our animators got to work on constructing a 3D world to take viewers on a dynamic journey through space and time (who needs time travel when you have animation?!). Using After Effects a 3D space was created, enabling them to manipulate camera angles and create smooth transitions.

Flat graphics of text, maps and other images were combined with bespoke 3D elements crafted and brought in from Cinema 4D.

This epic animation voyage across the world was completed with professional voice over and carefully selected background music, tying the whole video together.

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