Corporate Videos with Class: Bathroom Brands Case Study

Bathroom Brands has evolved into a global name with a portfolio of brands offering a variety of styles from traditional Victorian to exclusive contemporary product collections. They came to us looking for videos to make sure they stood out from the crowd at a leading design show. With a showroom to rival a 5* star hotel, Bathroom Brands had plenty for us to show off in two multi-purpose videos. 

Lake View House

Bathroom Brands opened their doors to the top secret areas of their Lake View House showroom (OK, technically staff only but top secret sounds cooler...). Putting their company culture and personality front and centre, the video takes viewers on a high-energy tour across several behind-the-scenes areas. Giving viewers a unique look at these areas presents Lake View House as an exciting place to visit, work and be inspired.

We Get Around...

With a large area to cover and employees and products to move around, it was important to be able to capture enough footage without compromising on quality. A Steadicam operator was brought in to do exactly that. The Steadicam meant our film team could cover all areas while maintaining seamless movement around busy areas without disrupting the normal workplace environment. 

The high-energy feel was established in post-production with clever editing to manipulate the pace of certain shots. A drone was also used to capture high-quality aerial footage, displaying the showroom from a whole new perspective and adding another dimension to the video.

Putting Products in the Spotlight

This product video is all about presenting viewers with a lifestyle that would draw them in and leave them wanting it for themselves. Positioning Clearwater above the noise and gimmicks of competitors meant putting all of that to one side and allowing the products to speak for themselves. Encapsulating the established Clearwater brand set the challenge of producing a film as beautifully crafted as their products.

Lighting was Key

You’ll be forgiven for thinking that the products were taken to a professional studio with set design. The truth is that the entire video was shot in a walkway of the Lake View House showroom. Lighting played a huge role in making this possible. The area was transformed with on-brand coloured lighting, carefully placed and manipulated during filming, creating a sleek and contemporary look.

A mixture of lighting, carefully chosen angles and seamless camera movements create the velvety soft feel of this video. Our aim was to produce an air of calm and relaxation, lulling the audience into the same indulgent feelings of a warm bath. This can be seen right from the very first shot which uses light to reveal the initial close up. This shot works beautifully at drawing the audience in and teasing them with an understated and almost mysterious feel, captivating viewers and inspiring them to discover more. 

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