Our Explainer Video for Fetch

Fetch AI is building the digital world for today, and the future. Using machine learning and AI technology, they enable data to co-operate, solving problems quicker than ever before.

When we first received the brief from Fetch, we knew it was the perfect project to show off the skill and versatility of our 3D motion designers. We were tasked with the exciting challenge of creating a series of animated videos to explain the core principles behind Fetch's innovative technology. The videos would feature on their official website and be used within investment pitches. So the pressure was on to get it right.

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Introducing Fetch

Envisaging the Fetch Digital World

Our animators embraced the opportunity to handcraft an aesthetic that could perfectly convey Fetch’s intuitive, next generation technology.

Each video adopted a high-tech, dynamic feel, combined with Fetch’s modern branding to visualise the Fetch digital world. This was accomplished by crafting a futuristic landscape based around concepts such as machine learning, system integrations and digital agents. A combination of both 2D and 3D elements were utilised to turn these intangible concepts into detailed and immersive visuals.

Completing our Vision

Each video seamlessly guides viewers through our vision of the Fetch world, educating and entertaining with captivating graphics, fluid transitions and dynamic titles. Professional voiceover, a carefully selected background track and techy sound effects all add to the cutting edge feel of each video.

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