Crowdfunding Videos that get Investment


If you’re reading this you probably don’t need to be told that a compelling video will be instrumental to the success of your crowdfunding campaign. So what we’ll do instead is dive straight into telling you how to create an awesome, attention-grabbing, inspiring video which drives action (aka. investment!).

It’s not enough to simply have a video anymore, it’s all about the content and quality of that video. Subtle nuances can change how your message comes across and how successful it is at achieving your goals. We’ll cover the essential elements within this blog, from who should feature in the video, to the structure that successful crowdfunding videos follow.


Crowdfunding Videos that get Investment

Discover how to create an awesome, attention-grabbing, inspiring video which drives action (aka. investment!) From who should feature in the video to the structure of successful crowdfunding videos and more.

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crowdfunding videos that get investment


The more people that see your video = the more people that invest. It’s really as simple as that. These things are always a numbers game so you want to maximise the amount of people you get in front of. Having people share your video is an excellent way to do this organically (aka. for free!). 

Not only does it increase your reach but when someone shares your content you know they’re sharing it with like-minded people that they think will appreciate it. So not only are you in front of more people, they’re also highly likely to also be your target audience. 

Create a video which resonates with your audience, is instantly relatable and evokes emotions that leave them desperate to share this gem with friends and family. 

Think back to when you last shared a video, or any content for that matter. What made you want to share it? Did it make you laugh? Did it make you think about something from a new perspective? Did you think the person/people you shared it with would find it valuable like you did? Chances are it ticked at least one of those boxes. So if your video can do at least one of these things, you’ll be on to a winner.

And remember, you can always outright ask people to share your video with a call to action at the end (we’ll talk more about call to actions soon).

Problem-Solution Format

We’ll break down the structure of a successful crowdfunding video in just a bit, but for now let’s talk about the problem-solution format. It’s as simple as it sounds (simple, but very effective). In essence, you want to set the scene by presenting viewers with that relatable problem that they regularly face, before introducing your product as the perfect solution which takes away the pains of the problems already outlined and ultimately makes their life that bit easier. 

The Problem

They may not have even consciously considered these problems as, well exactly that, problems. But they certainly will now and they’ll be primed and ready to be told the solution. Highlighting pitfalls of current competitors can also work well here, winning your viewers round to the undeniable need for something better. Capture these problems visually in engaging scenes to resonate with your audience and further strengthen the demand for a solution. 

The Solution

This is probably the bit you’re most excited about. The spotlight can finally be put on the product that you’ve spent sleepless nights and 7-day weeks perfecting! Use the power of video by beautifully showcasing exactly what makes your product revolutionary. Importantly, show how it will solve all of those aforementioned problems and enhance your viewer's day-to-day life. 

Be careful not to get drawn into the biggest crowdfunding video trap… 

You’ve got a limited time to captivate and win round your viewers so use that time by highlighting the features that make your solution better than the competition instead of wasting valuable screen time repeating features that are assumed to be there. Feeling nervous about that? We understand. Luckily with video being such an all-rounder, you can easily show the more basic features visually without having to explicitly cover them in your narrative. 

If you don’t yet have a tangible product to physically show you might be feeling a bit stuck at this point. Thanks to 3D photorealistic CGI this needn’t be a barrier to being able to show viewers the beauty of your product as if it were there right in front of them. Get these assets working even harder for you by obtaining stills that can be used across your marketing, now and in the future.

Switch up the video's pace to reinforce a change in mood from this point. Music, lighting and voice over tone can all be used to evoke positive emotional responses while you outline all of the ways your solution is the perfect option to resolve their daily gripe and make their life that bit easier. 

The People

Inspire viewers and earn their trust by introducing your venture’s key players. People like to see the person steering the ship of a visionary new product and even the team that are bringing that vision to life. After all, these are the people investors are entrusting to succeed with their money. 

Not everyone likes being on camera so identify each person's strengths and use these to your messages advantage. Consider how someone comes across on camera as this can vary from how you know them to be day-to-day. Check out our guide How to Nail Your On-Camera Interview for tips and tricks to prepare for (and hopefully enjoy!) your close up. 

The people in your video don’t just have to be you and your team. If you choose to go down more of a storytelling option by demonstrating the functionality of your product in real-life situations, you may look at recruiting models or actors. Use that market research you’ve already conducted into your target audience and align the characters within your video to these demographics.

The Call to Action

The worst thing to do with a crowdfunding video is to assume that your viewers know what to do next. Your video could be perfect in every other way, beautifully shot in expensive studios using expensive equipment and achieve a 100% view rate. Without a call the action at the end, all of that time and effort is wasted.

Whether you want viewers to purchase, invest, tell their friends, follow you on socials or attend an event, let them know! And tell them how.

In today’s world of big business marketing you’ll have been exposed to sleek adverts where global companies don’t feature a single product, let alone a call to action. These ads are often beautiful, emotive and highly impactful so you might be tempted by this style given its high-end feel. However, this type of content’s intention is to raise brand awareness and strengthen allegiances to that brand so that viewers are swayed towards their products without even really knowing why. This is NOT a wise approach to crowdfunding videos.

Video Length

As a video production agency, we have clients ask us all the time how long their video should be. In the last few years, with the rise of social media and the fall in our attention span, there’s certainly been a move towards shorter content. While we wouldn’t disagree with the effectiveness of shorter videos, it’s all relative. The length of a video very much depends on the content, the audience, where it will be viewed and why. 

For crowdfunding videos you’ll have lots of vital information to fit into what is essentially a pitch. You need time to introduce, lay the foundations, run through features and really sell the value of your solution. Therefore you won’t be hitting the super short video lengths of the likes of Facebook ads or YouTube bumper ads. Generally, you’ll want to aim for around 5 minutes, however, be realistic and remember to keep your video as short as your message allows. There’s no point cutting out essential information for the sake of shaving off 10 seconds if the video then doesn’t flow or tell your story. 

Successful Crowdfunding Video Structure

Structure your video around what your target audience/investors want to know. In our experience, the best and most successful crowdfunding videos follow a structure like this:

  1. Introduction - A really quick introduction to your product or service. Keep this short and sweet, you just want to grab your viewers attention at this point to make them stop and continue watching to find out more. You can get into the nitty-gritty details later. 
  2. The Problem - Briefly discuss the existing problem that your solution solves. Do this is a way that is relatable to your audience. You may even want to touch on why competitors solutions (if there are any) aren’t fit to purpose. This ultimately outlines the gap in the market, ready for you to slot in and save the day.
  3. The Solution - Now that viewers are all wound up about the problem you’ve outlined, ease their pain with your perfect solution. Demonstrate exactly how your solution addresses the problem and will make a users life that bit easier and more convenient. 
  4. Put a Face to the Business - Introduce yourself and any business partners, or even your wider team if there is one already. People invest in people so this part is just as important as the product/service sections.
  5. USP - Now you can really dive into all those unique features and benefits of your product/service that you’re so passionate about. Remember at this stage to keep your audience in mind, if you’re pitching to tech-savvy users then tech talk may impress them and increase your offer's credibility. If not, make sure not to overload on jargon as this will leave viewers confused and disinterested. Be as transparent as possible to built trust, it’s important to remember that you’re asking these people to part with their own hard-earned cash. 
  6. Call to Action - Don’t leave you audience wondering what to do now they’ve bought into your solution, capitalise on actively engaged viewers with a strong call to action. The whole video should build up to this so now’s the time to strike, but in a non-aggressive way. Make your viewers feel included in your venture and show the instrumental role that they can play in what will inevitably be a success story.

Choose Music that Inspires

Positive, uplifting music can add that final touch to your video, leaving viewers feeling motivated and inspired. Think about how much music can change your mood and you’ll soon come round to the train of thought that music choice can make or break a video. Take time listening to samples and be on the lookout for a track that complements but doesn’t dominate your video’s message and tone.

If you do choose to produce your video yourself make sure you follow copyright law. The biggest trap will be with music licensing which is why we’ve mentioned this here, however this also applies to logos, stock images and video that you may select to use. There’s plenty of royalty-free content out there so you will have options if you’re sticking to a super tight budget, however it’s never worth taking the risk on content that you’re not sure about.

Take Aways

  1. Evoke emotion
  2. Use the problem-solution format
  3. Pick the people carefully
  4. Keep it concise
  5. Dedicate time on cultivating a strong call-to-action

So there you have it, we hope you’ve been inspired by the versatility and power of video to elevate your crowdfunding campaign to success. 

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