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Despite not being a household name, Autodesk's software shapes the world around us, from the buildings we live and work in, to the machines that propel us forward. If you’ve ever driven a high-performance car, admired a towering skyscraper, used a smartphone, or watched a great film, chances are you’ve experienced the creations made possible by Autodesk. 

When Autodesk first came to us in 2017 they were in need of a range of videos to promote the launch of several software updates. Since then, we’ve had the pleasure of capturing the power of their technology across their many applications, collaborating with Autodesk clients to showcase the industry leading software in action.

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Autodesk & Kolb

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A Case Study with Kolb

With the opportunity to showcase their technology at a major automotive conference, Autodesk came to us to produce a show-stopping video demonstrating the dynamic application of the software and it's integral role within the vehicle modelling process. The Kolb Design Technologies showroom provided the perfect case study.

The Process

It was clear from the start that the key to nailing this brief was to create a video as beautifully designed and crafted as the technology it’s showcasing.

To achieve the quality of footage required, a cinema-grade camera was used, resulting in a richer, higher quality image. A Steadicam operator was also brought in, allowing the flexibility to move around the clay model, machinery and operators while still producing a smooth and seamless motion for the final edit. 

Each shot was further crafted to perfection with professional lighting, creating the precise desired aesthetics. The final video takes viewers on a journey of discovery into the world of innovative design, demonstrating the speed and efficiency achieved with such technology and the collaboration that it allows.


As part of their #WeMAKE campaign, Autodesk set us the task of producing an informative and engaging video to demonstrate the real-life application and capabilities of their advance software and machinery. In this video we hear directly from Autodesk client and architectural giants, Foster + Partners.

Let the client do the talking

The striking workspaces at the Foster + Partners London design offices were used to capture b-roll footage as well as the core element of the video: talking head style interviews. Letting the client do the talking was essential for this video. Seeing and hearing from industry experts about how Autodesk software and robotics is enabling them to transform the construction industry produces a strong and authentic message. 

Footage of the software and machinery in action is carefully woven into the final edit, complimenting the video narrative and adding visual diversity to hold the audience's attention. Viewers are left wanting the freedom to create in the same way that Foster + Partners can, thanks to Autodesk.

"We have been working with Posh Gecko to produce a variety of customer success and feature videos across our advanced manufacturing product range. They have filmed both in the UK and abroad, capturing a wide variety of content. We are able to continually trust Posh Gecko to produce high-end, and creative content which tells our stories in an engaging and captivating way."

Chan Solanki, Marketing Manager

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