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If you work in marketing, particularly digital marketing, I’m sure you’re more than aware that Google’s main goal is to make it as easy as possible for users to discover relevant information and fast. In 2020 this information can come in an abundance of forms; from podcasts, infographics, text and (of course) video. When we’re looking for information online we’ll quickly scan headlines, descriptions, dates, etc. to decide if it’s a good enough match to commit with that all-important click. This is fine within text content, however, we have limited information to go on when it comes to video. Likewise, once you’re watching a video it can be difficult to scan through to the right section. Well, that’s all changing…

As of last September, Google’s SERP has made video content even more accessible to its users with the new key moments in video feature. You might have already noticed this within your own searches. Not content with simply serving relevant videos, Google SERPs now provide links to key moments within the video, based on timestamps provided by the content creators. This is particularly useful in how-to or training videos which have different steps or cover a few topics. Gone are the days of wasting 13 minutes watching a tedious screen recording tutorial only to defeatedly admit to yourself that it was the completely wrong video. Nor do you need to watch the whole video before getting to the good bit. Now you can easily scan to see whether a video has what you’re looking for and, better yet, you can skip straight to that section.

If this feature is available, you’ll see a caption under the video stating “In this video”, then each section is shown in a handy list with their ‘from’ timestamp, a screenshot from each section and the section title immediately below. Here’s what it looks like:

This feature does rely on the content provider adding timestamps (something that’s been available on YouTube for years – videos that have already used timestamps don’t need to make any changes). However, Google are introducing ways for other creators to mark-up their videos so they can get in on this new feature. Google has opened a form inviting video creators to express their interest. If this is you, you’ll need to mark-up your video using video schema and complete Google’s form.

What impact will this have? Only time will tell! It would be easy to assume that this feature will increase engagement with your videos, however it’s a new feature so testing is key. If video plays a big role in your content marketing strategy (that’s why you’re here right??) then we recommend adding timestamps to your YouTube video and monitoring the impact that this has on your engagement and conversion metrics. 

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