How to Nail Your

On-Camera Interview

Let’s be honest, unless you’re a Kardashian, having a conversation with a camera in your face probably isn’t the norm. It’s easy for those behind the camera (hey!) to tell you to “try and relax”, “enjoy yourself” and “just act like we’re having a normal conversation without the camera there”… but actually we completely understand that it can be a nerve-racking experience, even for the most confident speakers. So we’ve decided to share some useful tips and tricks to prepare for (and hopefully enjoy) your on-camera interview:

Sit up straight

Did you notice your slouched posture and correct it just now? Good, remember that! Before the interview starts, adjust your posture to sit up straight. This will make you look professional and give what you say more authority. Straightening your back will also open your diaphragm, allowing you to breath easier and talk more clearly.

Plus, and this might just be me but…simply sitting straight makes me feel more confident. It might work for you too, worth a try!



Avoid clothing with busy patterns or that are heavily striped. We may ask that you don’t wear certain colours for the shoot, dependant on the environment that you’re being filmed in. In pretty much any case, white is a big no. A white shirt covered by a coloured blazer is OK but if you turn up in a white suit you might get a few looks (for more than one reason).


Let’s talk about your hands…

No idea what to do with them? Fighting the urge to sit on them? Well don’t! If you use your hands in natural conversation, then go for it. It will give your responses a more natural feel and is always a better look than glueing them to your knees. It will also help you feel more natural and give more energy to your delivery. If this is you then you’ll likely do it without even noticing.


Introduce the subject

We may ask you something along the lines of “what is your favourite cereal?” (OK, we probably won’t ask this). Instead of replying “Frosties” (obviously) what would be really helpful is if you give your answer some context for the viewer. For example “my favourite cereal is Frosties…” otherwise the viewer isn’t going to know whether Frosties are your favourite cereal, least favourite, a cereal you’ve never tried before, your mum’s favourite cereal…you can see where we’re going with this. So just remember to give your audience a bit of context when you reply as they probably aren’t going to hear the interviewer in the final video. We may well be adding a graphic to the final video displaying the question on screen, however giving your answer context is still a good practice. 


Consider your key points

Take some time to consider the main points that you want to get across. Make a mental note or jot down some bullet points, whatever works for you. However, avoid overthinking and rehearsing exact sentences as you’ll inadvertently write yourself a script and get flustered if you’re not able to recite it verbatim during filming. Having a few highlights in mind will set you up perfectly. Remember, you’ve been picked to do the interview because you know your stuff. You got this.


It’s OK to make mistakes

Have you ever seen film outtakes? Of course you have! Hilarious right? It’s also proof that even the highly-paid professionals get it wrong sometimes. So don’t beat yourself up if you’ve stumbled over a couple of words and need to start again. Making you look and sound good is our job so we’ll make sure we get enough shots to produce a seamless final edit. There’s no expectation to be a one-shot wonder!

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