How to Write a Marketing Video Script

An eloquent and entertaining video script is key to delivering your message effectively in video marketing. It’s the starting point that underpins the entire video production and presents the opportunity to create invaluable marketing content. So it’s important you get it right. However, there are plenty of traps that marketers have fallen prey to over the years, resulting in videos that have confused messaging and miss the mark when it comes to inspiring viewers to take action. Keep reading to discover our top tips for writing an effective marketing video script.


Identify your target audience

As with all marketing content, your video should be fully optimised towards your target audience. Before you start thinking about your script, you need to spend some time understanding and getting into the mindset of your target audience. If you already have an established buyer persona that underpins your wider marketing strategy, perfect! Reacquaint yourself with them to ensure that your script is going to resonate with them. If you haven’t already developed a buyer persona then it’s never too late to get started. Sit down and have a think about the following:

Demographics - age, gender, relationship status, occupation, educational level, income bracket

Behaviours and interests - how do they spend their free time? What activities do they regularly do? What is important to them?

Goals - how do they define success in their life? What are they striving to achieve?

Pain points - what is currently stopping them from achieving their goals? What needs to change?

Beyond the points above, think about what relationship your viewer currently has with your brand. Are they already familiar with you or are you entering new territory with this video? All of this will help you create and refine a script that really engages your target audience in a meaningful and memorable way.


Maintain your brand voice

Video gives your brand an opportunity to really come to life. All of those little nuances of your brand personality now get an actual voice. Videos are also the most memorable content type in your marketing arsenal, making video an excellent opportunity to strengthen and establish your brand voice.

Of course, consistency is key here, as it is across all of your marketing content. When writing your script imagine it coming from your brand persona. What sort of language would they use? Are they formal or informal? Are they humorous or serious? Do they show empathy or are they matter-of-fact? All of these tonal elements should be honed into one voice that carries across all of your brand’s content, whether that’s your website, social media, ad copy or (you guessed it) video.

If your language formality and tone is inconsistent you’ll leave your audience feeling confused about who you really are as a brand. However, get it right and you’ll create an instantly recognisable brand that your audience are excited to engage with.

Check out our blog ‘Maintaining brand identity in video’ to find out more about cultivating a consistent brand within your marketing videos.


Avoid over-narrating

By their very nature, scripts go hand in hand with video, so remember that you don’t need to verbally communicate every point that the video is trying to make. Visuals are a hugely powerful communication tool and this is even more true for video. Instead of falling into the trap of feeling like your script needs to elaborate on every point, cover the essentials within your script and allow the video’s visuals do the rest of the ‘talking’.


Benefit driven, not feature-focused

You want to coherently communicate how your product or service will benefit the viewer, what problem in their life it solves, therefore making their life better and easier. Remember the 'pain points' from earlier? Tap into what pain point(s) your product or service solves and, better yet, what the result of solving that pain point is. Just listing features doesn’t achieve this, not in a meaningful or memorable way anyway! 

Think about what the end result of your product or service is. Put it this way, people don't go to the DIY store because they're passionate about paint, they go because they're excited about painting over the magnolia on every wall in their new home. It's the excitement of saying goodbye to the magnolia that you want to tap into.


Be conscious of script and video length

“How long should my script/video be?” must be one of the most common questions we get asked. And we understand why. Video length is an important factor in its success.

For guidance on your video length check out our blog ‘Choosing the optimal video length’. The quick answer is that your video should be as short as you can convey your message in without losing key information. Too long and you’ll lose people’s attention. Too short and you lose your message.

When it comes to writing the script, if you’re aiming for a 90 second video you can’t go and write a four page script. As a rule of thumb, 150 words equates to roughly one minute of video. This may vary slightly due to your voice over or presenter's speaking pace. With animation, any smart animation studio (hey!) will create a placeholder voice over during the production process to ensure the animation times perfectly with the narrative before an official voice over is produced.


Write conversationally

A script is very different to an academic essay or business report. Imagine reading your last annual report out loud verbatim. It would sound rigid, overly formal and generally not engaging or enjoyable for viewers to listen to. Your script should be written exactly as you want your voice over artist or presenter to read it. This usually means using contractions and keeping sentences short. “We’re the straight-talking, no-nonsense animation studio you’ve been looking for” will always read better than “we are the straight-talking, no-nonsense animation studio you have been looking for”.


Do several script readings

Try reading your script out loud. It sounds obvious but you’d be surprised at how many scripts come our way that have obviously never been read aloud. You’ll undoubtedly identify parts that need tweaking which were missed when they were just words on a page.

Reading the script to other members of your team will also be beneficial, a fresh pair of ears can spot small errors as well as provide a new perspective on the script's overall ability to convey your intended message. This is even more important if you're an expert in the video's topic. What makes perfect sense to you may completely miss the mark to other people and leave them feeling lost. 

Do this with every draft version until the entire script reads eloquently and clearly conveys your message.


Consider not having any narrative

We thought we’d leave you with a curveball. That’s right, you may not need a script at all! This doesn't suit all video purposes, for example, you're not going to find many (if any) explainer videos without a voiceover talking you through the features and benefits of that video's product. However, brand awareness videos that have a creative concept that suits it and visuals that are powerful enough to tell the story by themselves may not require any narrative at all.

Need more convincing? Our videos below all tell their stories beautifully without the use of voiceover to deliver a strong message.

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