Maintaining Brand Identity in Video

Building an established and reputable brand identity is essential to developing a connection with your target audience. A strong brand can be the difference between a successful, flourishing business and one which is struggling to find its feet in the marketplace. Your brand identity should align with, and appeal to, your target audience’s lifestyle, desires and aspirations. Get this right and they will look to you, above any competitor, as a trusted and relevant brand.

Carrying brand identity through to the medium of video is increasingly important as we see video feature more and more within marketing strategies. Videos are a highly effective advertising and communication tool to engage audiences and inspire action. Because of this, how your brand is represented in your video content is vital to maintaining your relationship with customers, prospective customers and even your workforce.

As with the rest of your marketing content, consistency is key. Even when all of your videos carry a different message, the brand should hold them together and allow your library of video content to strengthen your position as a recognisable brand that your target audience want to engage with. 

It goes without saying that you can only be consistent when the identity itself is well established internally. So take some time now to look at, and assess your brand identity…

Explore Your Brand Identity

Brand guidelines are a logical place to start. Looking at your company core values will also provide an anchor point to guide your content. But your brand identity is so much more than a logo and a strap line. Think of your brand identity like you would any individual’s identity. What personality traits and characteristics do you want to encompass? Is your brand compassionate? Funny? Serious? Cheeky? Does your brand live in the moment? Or is it structured and concise? Is your brand revolutionary, pushing the boundaries and not living by other people’s rules? 

Just as you will have explored customer personas, explore your own brand persona. Write a detailed description of your brand as if it was a person. Take a moment to do this now. It’s fun to explore your brand in this way, but more importantly, having an understanding of your brand at this level will act as a guide when it comes to developing all future video content.

How Does This Translate to Video?

Any video content that you’re looking to distribute, whether this is for external or internal use, should capture the unique personality of your brand. Utilising video in this way adds value to everything you produce. 

The challenge (and one we love) with video is striking that balance between conveying your identity while simultaneously telling a compelling story which captivates viewers and inspires action.

Utilise the following elements to let your brand identity shine through:


Brand Colours

Across both film and animation, the colours which feature most heavily throughout your video can easily identify any brand. Within animation, you have loads of opportunities to feature your brand colours, from the background to the graphics and even characters. 

The instantly recognisable Macmillan Cancer Support branding heavily influenced many of the design choices for our explainer video creation. Their distinctive green tones feature heavily throughout the entire video, leaving no one doubting who the message is coming from.

img img

It’s always helpful to explore different styles during the storyboard and style frame stage of development. It gives you a chance to look at the impact of different colour palettes and consider how these effect the overall tone and feel of the video. During the development of our animation for The Cabling & Audio Visual Group we looked at the options of black and white vs. colour which focused heavily on their bold brand colours. After seeing style frames in both styles the decision was easy to make (brand colours of course!).


We’ve touched on graphics briefly within brand colours, but you can go way beyond colour when it comes to video.

Revisiting the Cabling & Audio Visual Group animation, their circular branding was central to the animation style. The circle is the star of this show, used creatively to represent a variety of concepts as it develops its own personality while playfully dancing around the screen. Our motion designer also subtly integrated the two logos into the video at several points, cleverly reinforcing the brand. Give it a watch, can you spot all the places we snuck the logos in? 

img img

Although you may be thinking purely of animation when we mention graphics, there’s always the option to add stylish and on-brand motion graphics to film. Our recruitment video for Featurespace makes use of their quirky and unique glitchy graphics when introducing their team members. With a video so focused on company culture, the inclusion of these graphics adds that visual reminder to reinforce the fun and vibrant culture with the brand.

img img

Tone of Voice

This is where your brand persona really gets to shine! What personality did you develop? The nuances of this personality now get a voice.

When writing your script, imagine it coming from your persona. What sort of language would they use? Would they be formal or informal? Are they humorous or serious? Do they show empathy or are they matter-of-fact? This tone should carry across all of your content, whether that’s your website, social media, ad copy, or leaflets. If your language formality and tone is inconsistent you’ll leave your audience feeling confused about who you really are as a brand.

Of course, some flexibility is needed here. If your persona is light-hearted and funny but you're producing a video on a more serious topic you’ll need to adapt to fit the message.

While tone can be lost in written copy, video allows it to flourish. Use this benefit to your full advantage by spending the time needed to get it just right.

When it comes to tone of voice, your script is just half of the battle. Selecting the right presenters, actors or voiceover artists is key to nailing this element. If they clash with your persona then you’re messaging and branding will get confused. With a huge variety of versatile talent out there, there’s a match for every brand.


Video Placement

We’re leaving the world of video production for a moment to go beyond what’s in your video and discuss the importance of where your video goes after it’s been made.

It’s important at this point to consider whether certain platforms and channels align with your brand identity. Here are a few things to consider:

 - Does your content compliment the use of this platform?

 - Would you expect to see a brand like yours on this platform?

 - Do your target audience regularly use this platform?

 - Does featuring content on this platform build trust?

Answering these simple questions should reveal a clear decision for you. However, don’t just take that as your permanent answer, consider doing this for each of your videos. As your messaging and objectives change video to video, so will the appropriate platforms. 

Final Thoughts

Remember, the best brand identities are:

 - Distinctive, for the right reasons

 - Visually impactful and memorable

 - Integrate into all aspects of their marketing content

 - Allow flexibility to evolve with cultural developments

Use what makes you different to stand out from the crowd. Take what you’ve learnt from this post to establish a clear connection between your brand, your messaging and your audience.

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