Marketing Content Planner Template

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Busy marketer? Our marketing content planner template will be your new best friend! Download below and continue reading to discover how to use your new favourite marketing tool.

Marketing Content Planner Template

Let our free marketing content planner take the stress out of organising your weekly, monthly or even annual content creation and distribution. Keep scrolling to discover all of the cool features we've included, or download now.

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marketing content planner template

With content playing such a key role within all marketing plans, and with the high level of volume that is demanded by today's marketplaces, it’s crucial to get organised! Marketing content no longer simply encompasses leaflets and a website that occasionally gets updated. A full marketing content strategy will include everything from blogs, videos, case studies and white papers, to influencer content, memes and infographics. Keeping track of what can be an exhaustive list of content can feel overwhelming and lead to content being delayed or even completely forgotten about. Add to this the never ending national and world ‘days’ to try and jump on the band wagon of and you’re left pulling your hair out!

Thanks to our free marketing content planner, all of that stress will be a thing of the past. Our planner allows you to get ahead of your content by being able to have everything in one place, and better yet, it’s all beautifully visually mapped out in a calendar format. Instantly see when content is due and where you have gaps in your schedule. Add national holidays and events that are relevant to your business as a reminder to create related content, or even run tailored offers and competitions around that time.

Whether you’re solely responsible for your business's marketing content, or you work within a marketing team, our marketing content planner is the perfect tool to map out your entire year’s content. Share this calendar with your team to ensure you’re all working to the same hymn sheet. Our editable team member key also allows you to assign content to specific members of your team so everyone can instantly see what they’re working on and when the deadline is. Simply keep a copy in your shared drive and everyone will have access to the most updated version without having to constantly share new versions.

No need to copy the month view over and over again, we’ve already created a full annual planner. When we welcome in the New Year, simply delete your current content and change the year at the top of each month and you’ll have a brand new 2023 (2024, 2025, 2026…) content planner at your disposal.

Beyond the annual content planner template, you’ll also find tabs labelled ‘Content’ and ‘Social Drafts’. Use the ‘Content’ tab to provide further information on each marketing asset. This is a great way to keep a library of all of your content which can be referred to later on when you may want to re-post older content. Make sure to include an expiration for any applicable content to avoid promoting it once it’s out of date (for example, limited time offers or topical pieces).

Use the ‘Social Drafts’ tab as, well…exactly that! Draft social media posts here so they’re ready to go when they’re needed.

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