Measuring the Success of Your Video Campaign

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A successful video campaign can achieve a whole range of your marketing aims. Done well, they can connect with your audience, tell your story and encourage action.

If you’ve invested your marketing budget into a video, you’ll want to know how well it’s performing and what ROI it’s achieved. In this blog you’ll find out how to measure the success of your video marketing efforts and, most importantly, how to make your video work even harder for you.

Before You Begin

First thing’s first, you need to figure out what success looks like to you. It may sound obvious but it’s essential that you start here. Without knowing what you’d class as a success, how will you know when it’s time to pop the bubbly and celebrate?

You probably started out your video planning by considering what your video objectives were (especially if you followed our 5 considerations for writing a video brief). If so, we have good news, you’ve just made your life a whole lot easier when it comes to monitoring your video’s success (woohooo, winning!!). Not only will it save you work when it comes to measuring success, having clear objectives from the get-go will also help provide greater direction during the production of your video.

Seeing Sense Through the Numbers

Thanks to Google Analytics and purpose-built marketing tools, it’s never been easier for digital marketers to track the performance of videos through defined metrics. However, this blessing can sometimes feel like a curse. With so much data it can become overwhelming and you can easily get lost in a sea of numbers, many of them not giving you a useful indication of how well your video is really performing.

Stay focused and gain a meaningful understanding of your video's performance by following the indicators of success listed below:

1. Engagement

Get a good picture of how many people meaningfully engaged with your video, not just the ones who scrolled on past. Video engagement is typically represented by the percentage watched of the video (e.g. 90% = on average, viewers watched 90% of your video), giving you a good idea of how long people have stuck around to watch your video.

It's worth looking at this metric with your video content in mind. For example, if your call to action (CTA) is at the end of the video and your engagement percentage is low, you might want to re-think where your CTA features to optimise conversion rates.


 - Stay focused - If information isn't absolutely necessary, don’t include it. Time is precious (for you and your viewer) so don’t waste it. Defining your key messages at the very start of the video creation process will help.

 - Meet your audience's expectations - Where is your video being placed? If it’s on your ‘About Us’ page of your website, include a video about your company’s culture, staff, etc. Essentially, make sure the video ties in with the accompanying messages around it, or you may find people quickly stop watching.

 - Remember, people watch videos to be entertained, informed and/ or inspired. Your video should tick at least one of these boxes.

2. Click-through Rate

Remember when we said that a good video campaign will encourage people to take action? Well, this is the metric for that! This is an important one for monitoring your ROI. If your goal is to increase website visits or get viewers to click-through to an optimised landing page, your aim should be a high click-through rate.

Help yourself by ensuring that your video is optimised around your CTA and remember what we said about CTA placement within the engagement section!

3. Conversion Rate

A viewer clicking through to your website and completing a purchase is a huge win, however your definition of a “conversion” could take many forms:

 - Newsletter sign-up

 - Event booking

 - App download

 - Contact form submission

 - Social page follow

 - Social shares

 - Gated document download

Depending on which platform your video is being distributed on, you can make use of adding links within your video directly to your app download or newsletter sign-up. But how do you know that the visitors to this page can from that specific video? Adding tags (called UTM parameters) to the link within or alongside your video allows you to track these specific clicks within Google Analytics. If you’ve set up conversions within Google Analytics, you’ll then be able to see how many conversions were a result of the clicks from that link. If we lost you there, or you want to learn more, check out this post from Sprout Social all about UTM parameters.

4. Social Sharing

It’s a pretty high accolade that someone has chosen to share your video on their social account. If they’re willing to share this with friends, you can safely assume that they like what you’ve got to say and find it valuable. You can pat yourself on the back for creating a video that resonates with your target audience!

There are also huge benefits from social sharing. A high rate of social sharing should result in higher reach, view count, engagement and even conversions. So you're winning in every way! Your video is now working to increase brand awareness and is reaching audiences beyond the scope of the budget you’ve put behind its campaign.

5. Feedback

If your not a stats person then this is the one for you! We’re moving away from quantitive data and into the realms of qualitative intel. Dive into the comments under your video and get a feel for the emotive response of your audience. You’ll soon get a clear picture of how your video’s been received.

Remember that your desired response may not always be positive comments. If your video is telling a poignant or hard-hitting message (common for charity awareness raising videos) then you would expect to read comments with a more negative tone. In this case that wouldn’t necessarily be a negative response, it could be an indication that your video has successfully achieved what it set out to do.

6. View Count

This metric is important but pretty generic, providing you with a quick snapshot of how many people have watched your video for (almost) any length of time. Be careful with this metric as different platforms measure the view count differently. Facebook’s view count includes every view over 3 seconds, whereas YouTube is more selective, only including views over 30 seconds. So be cautious about how you interpret this metric as a measure of success. We certainly wouldn't recommend looking at this one on its own. 

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Onwards and Upwards

Don’t just measure the success of your video for the sake of being able to present some pretty graphs to your colleagues. Use your findings to learn, improve and direct your future video projects towards even greater success.

Your findings could extend beyond the video itself. If engagement, view count and click-through rates are looking positive BUT conversion rates are letting you down, this could indicate that your landing page isn’t fully optimised to get people to take your desired action. Likewise, low engagement rates could be an indication that the targeting of your campaign is not quite right. It’s up to you to interpret the data with the entire campaign in mind. Remember, your video is just one element of your marketing strategy. If your marketing funnel isn’t optimised somewhere else, you’ll loose potential customers/clients/members (you know what we’re trying to say) along the way.

There may also be trends in your data across a variety of videos. This could identify certain platforms as better performing, or topics that are better engaged with. So if you have a library of videos, don’t just look at each video’s data alone, look at the wider picture and you could make some interesting discoveries which can be applied in your future video marketing.

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