Corporate Videos for National Grid

At the heart of the UK, National Grid are at the forefront of many of the big energy challenges. Finding solutions to these requires a highly skilled team of specialists from a number of backgrounds. Attracting and recruiting such individuals is crucial for their current and future success.

We’ve had the pleasure of working alongside the National Grid marketing and recruitment teams for several years now, supporting their recruitment campaigns with fun and engaging videos. From short animations for social campaigns, to talking heads, our versatile in-house team have always delivered above and beyond the brief. Get a snapshot of the various projects we've handcrafted for National Grid below.

Industry Leaders

Our most recent campaign introduces viewers to their potential colleagues, building a bond with the company, culture and people. This authentic approach is beautifully delivered by the friendly faces of current cyber professionals working at National Grid, sharing their experiences of the benefits and opportunities offered to them and how these have helped shape their careers. Opening their office doors like this provides a powerful message and introduces National Grid as a leading recruiter of cyber professionals to a wider pool of talent than ever before.

Be the Heart of Energy

To attract ambitious and innovative applicants, National Grid have run several campaigns focusing on the unique opportunities and experiences they can offer. Our animators handcrafted a series of short videos for their social media apprenticeship recruitment campaign. These vibrant and engaging shorts are a lovely example of how key messages can be conveyed in a matter of seconds.

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