Social Media Video Length Guide

With businesses now having a presence across several online platforms, it’s key that any content generation takes into account the different specs that each of those platforms requires. This is especially true for video considering the amount of resource that goes into producing marketing videos. 

It can become a minefield trying to ensure your video meets the requirements of each platform so they get approved (especially if you’re planning a multi-channel campaign). Maximum video lengths vary not just from platform to platform but also across the various video types within each platform. So we’ve brought together all of that information in one place to save you the headache of searching each platforms ad guides.

The following figures are maximum video lengths, not optimum lengths. Check out our free guide Choosing the Optimal Video Length to discover the best length for your video.

facebook video lengthsinstagram video lengths*If your account is verified, Instagram will allow you to upload long-form video content up to 60 minutes, however, this does have to be uploaded from a computer.

YouTube video lengthsPinterest video lengthsTwitter video lengths*Select advertisers are eligible to request an increase up to 10 minutes by contacting their Twitter Account Manager.Snapchat video lengths

We’ve focused on video length in this blog but we appreciate that there are lots of other file specifications that your video will have to meet to get the go-ahead across social media platforms. Follow the links below to discover the exact specs that each platform require.

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NB: The information within this blog is accurate as of 10/12/2020

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