Animation with Style and Substance

The Cabling & Audio Visual Group were looking for an abstract, stylish video to introduce their services. Taking centre stage at the top of their website’s busiest landing page, the video needed to clearly communicate their core offering while leaving visitors wanting to discover more. We took full creative control of the project with the script, storyboard and animation all being produced in-house. 

Beautiful Storytelling

Once our scriptwriters had worked their magic in crafting a comprehensive yet concise narrative, our motion designer had a structure to work from. Taking inspiration from the script, they began the process of visualising the story being told. Storyboarding and style boards were crucial for exploring graphic styles for this video given its abstract nature. 

Strengthening Brand Identity

The Cabling & Audio Visual Group's circular branding was central to the animation style, with the whole video being led by animated and evolving circle graphics. In fact, our motion designer was able to subtly integrate the two brands logos into the video at several points, cleverly reinforcing the brand. Give it another watch, can you spot all the places we snuck the logos in? 

The star of the show is the humble circle whose journey we follow. The continual, smooth movement transfixes viewers and guides them through the entire video with seamless transitions. The circle is creatively used to represent a variety of concepts as it develops its own personality while playfully dancing around the screen.

Let's create something beautiful together.

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