The Ideal Video Content for Each Social Media Platform

Have you ever created a beautiful optimised marketing video to Facebook, had amazing results and then excitedly shared the same video across other platforms only to be disappointed by the outcome? Sharing the same video across all platforms won’t always drive the same results. Why? Think about what you use each social media platform for. You don’t go on to Linkedin for home interior inspiration, in the same way that you don’t go on to Instagram for professional development (unless you're an influencer!). Once we as marketers understand this - and more importantly, understand what people ARE looking for on each platform - the better we can tailor our content accordingly for each platform. When our content matches the expectations of the viewer they’re far more likely to keep watching, become engaged and want to follow any call to actions that we include.

So what content should you be sharing on each platform to engage viewers? Below we have summarised the (users) purpose of each social platform as well as what marketing objective fits with each platform and the most appropriate type of video content. For example, you'll see that Twitter users are scrolling through their feed looking for the latest news and to join the conversation on current trends. So take this opportunity to share the latest company announcements, live videos (you can't get more on the pulse than live) and review videos to get the conversation going. 

Of course, this knowledge can be applied beyond your video content. Keep this information in mind when writing blogs, running competitions, creating imagery and more. Whether you're running paid or organic campaigns across social media the same rules apply. In Bill Gates' famous essay titled "Content is King" he wrote "Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the internet, just as it was in broadcasting." And as with many of his intuitions, it has come true. In order to make the most of organic marketing opportunities, it is essential to create content that wows the user of that particular platform in that moment.

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