Using Stock Footage Effectively in Corporate Video

Stock footage may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about video production, however, you’d be surprised by how many videos you see on a daily basis which feature such footage. We’ve all seen a cringe-worthy stock video which lose the audience immediately. However, carefully selected stock footage can add image diversity and tell your message authentically, when given the right treatment. With the right selection and professional editing, stock footage can be seamlessly integrated into a corporate video to emphasise key messages and connect with audiences.

Stock footage has become even more valuable for communication in the current global crisis. While live action filming faces a number of new challenges, stock footage avoids these barriers, giving your video the content needed in a safe and cost efficient way. 

Some industries rely on stock footage as filming in their settings just isn’t feasible. An obvious example of this is the medical sector. Gaining filming permission at any time to medical environments is highly difficult, and for good reason! However, there’s a whole wealth of medical stock footage which can bridge the gap should your video need it.

Don’t forget about your own video library which can be tapped in to. Repurposing existing footage is a great way to squeeze more value for money from previous footage while creating fresh content to reach out to your audience with. A bit of creative editing can work wonders at transforming old footage into a brand new video for your audience to feast their eyes on. If you’re worried that your archived content will be too restrictive to tell a new message, don’t be. It will surprise you how much a carefully chosen music track and bespoke motion graphics can transform old content into an entirely new narrative. An experienced production agency (oh, hey!) will have no trouble up-cycling your archived content to produce a brand spanking new video that hits the mark for your new message and audience. Once you’ve got a defined message and a collection of footage, you’re ready to go, the production agency will do the rest.

Credit to World Animal Protection (WAP) for providing us with a library of beautifully captured ocean wildlife footage for their World Ocean Day 2019 social campaign. Our in-house editors were able to cherry pick the perfect shots and masterfully weave them together to create a fluid video which highlights the fantastic work being carried out by WAP across the world. Bespoke graphics were also handcrafted by our motion designers to clearly convey the video's core messages. Clarity was key with this video, not only to create the desired emotive response, but also to allow it to transcend language and culture - sending a message to all. 

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Startups and product launches are a great example of where stock footage can be helpful. Startups often have a limited budget to work with and no existing footage of their product or service in use. Thanks to stock footage this needn’t stop them from having an awesome launch video. Of course, when filming is possible, live footage can be captured to create an original and fully bespoke story. However, when this isn’t the case, stock footage can save the day!

Our high-energy product launch video for Opro+ makes use of Opro’s own footage, as well as their clients, to show their product in action. The video’s overall high-energy is complimented by the high-impact rugby shots which are beautifully integrated into the motion graphics and quick transitions which keep viewers captivated. The smart gum shield was further brought to life in 3D animation to introduce it to the world in all its glory. Pairing the two gives audiences a complete view of both the product in detail as well as in action.

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It’s important that the footage compliments your message, your brand and the video’s overall style. It can be jading and confusing to your audience if the footage conflicts any of the above, leaving them scratching their heads instead of taking action. It’s important to ensure all of the footage works together. There’s nothing worse than watching a video which bounces between different styles and looks. This is always a risk when you’re sourcing content from a variety of places, however, careful editing will avoid this entirely.

There are no rules as to what percentage of your video could be stock footage. Some videos are pieced together using stock footage entirely, while others may utilise it just once to show imagery that was otherwise difficult to acquire. Your video production agency will advise and provide guidance on what can be achieved with each type of footage.

There are of course some downsides to stock footage which are important to consider. Given the nature of them, it is possible that the footage will feature in other videos (including competitors), this is just something you don’t have control over with stock. However, with the huge variety of stock footage out there across countless sources, this is highly unlikely. 

It’s not particularly a negative, however you need to understand the copyright and licensing terms of the footage you use. If your use of the stock footage goes beyond what is outlined in these then you could end up in trouble later on. A professional video production agency will always ensure the stock footage used in your video has the correct licensing terms for your videos intended use.

While we’ve talked a lot about video footage during this post, don’t forget the mighty photo. Photography can also be put to use to handcraft a powerful message. This will also open your video up to even more rich and varied content!

In summary, using stock and existing footage in the right way can enhance your video and even bring ideas to life that would otherwise not have been possible. While live filming is always advantageous to achieve the exact shot desired, by combining stock footage with editing techniques, stock or existing footage is always there as an alternative option to explore with your film production agency.

It’s not the right fit for all video objectives or brands, but when done well, stock footage can add value and variety to videos that possibly couldn’t have been produced otherwise.

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