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Video has a huge role to play within any marketing strategy. An optimised video campaign has the potential to engage, inspire and drive action, ultimately increasing website traffic, purchases, sign-ups, leads and revenue. As with any element of your marketing plan, it's essential to monitor and report on the performance of your videos. Not only can you pop the champagne and celebrate success, but you can also learn for future campaigns to ensure even better results.

Use our tried and tested report template (download below) to monitor the performance of a single video or an entire campaign, as well as being able to compare key metrics with other campaigns. All tables and graphs are pre-formatted, you simply need to add your video's data and you'll have a beautiful report which instantly highlights performance across numerous platforms and identifies trends. You can also include landing page data in order to identify any optimisation opportunities on your website and scrutinise your marketing content more holistically.

To gain a better understanding of what exactly these individual metrics are telling you about the performance of your video, check out our blog 'Measuring the success of your video campaign'.

Video Marketing Report Template

Download our ready to use, pre-formatted video performance report template and start effectively monitoring the success of your video marketing campaigns.

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