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Brigade's MDR range of digital video recorders, offers high-quality recording functionality so that you can rest assured, that you and your drivers are protected.


An explainer video delivering protection.

Incidents involving vehicles can be time-consuming and costly to resolve. A lack of solid evidence often means that companies will automatically accept liability. However, these easy settlements have led to an increase in cases against operators who are considered soft targets.

False claims, crash-for-cash, and shrinkage are now costing businesses millions each year. By capturing footage from vehicle-mounted cameras, Brigade’s MDR digital video recorders offer the ideal solution, providing accurate eye-witness and irrefutable evidence in the event of an incident.

Our team produced Brigade this 3D explainer video, that was built from the ground up, starting with just a 3D CAD file. It highlights the product's features clearly and effectively, and is now used everywhere from live events to online channels.