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An end-to-end energy management ecosystem that can power your home or business cheaply and sustainably.


Sustainable 3D animation.

GivEnergy provides premium energy management solutions at an accessible price. They engineer and manufacture a portfolio of electronic equipment designed to manage energy use and production. With a GivEnergy system, customers can store energy – either from the grid or renewables. They can then peak shave and power their lives cheaply, sustainably, and with informed autonomy.

The first Posh Gecko task was to turn a complex narrative, into digestible content. You'll notice that this video doesn't feature a voiceover artist. This is because GivEnergy will utilise the video at live events, where audio is likely to be muted. Therefore, the text titles are integrated within the 3D animation, ensuring everything can be shared visually. The video made its premiere at 'Solar & Storage Live' and was a massive success.