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IKEA x Madlug.

We all know who IKEA are, but who are Madlug? Madlug are a luggage manufacturer that gives a pack-away travel bag to a child in care, every time one is purchased. They have a ‘Buy one, Wear one, Help one’ approach and teamed up with IKEA on this campaign. 


An animation making a difference.

When IKEA approached us in need of an explainer video for their latest campaign, we were over the moon to hear it was a charity project, run in partnership with Madlug.

IKEA has been supporting children for a number of years, but this particular campaign is aimed at helping those in care.

The creative is a mix of 2D vector animation, which is typical across explainer videos, and product photography and film footage provided by Madlug. The end result was extremely well received.