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Scape Technologies are harnessing AI to enable camera devices to recognise their surroundings at an unprecedented scale.


Merging the physical and digital world.

This awesome brief presented the perfect opportunity for our animation and film teams to put their creative heads together. With almost limitless possibilities, the first challenge was to identify the perfect scenarios to highlight the technology's capabilities. With Scape's target audience in mind, three industries were quickly established; construction, gaming and social media.

The film team were let loose first, filming a variety of scenes across London to form the basis of the video. A comprehensive pre-production planning process ensured that the film crew were able to capture the exact shots required, including implementing some industry tricks that would be essential for the motion designers to track visuals later in editing.

3D motion graphics were woven into the entire video, playing the fundamental role of showing the possibilities that Scapekit unlocks for AR developers.