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Out of this world animation

Immersive 3D Photorealism

Satellite Applications Catapult is revolutionising the UK’s capability for innovation by enabling companies to benefit from satellite technologies. With a national event on the horizon, Catapult approached us for an overview video which would cut through the noise and get their message noticed and heard. In an event about technology that is quite literally out of this world, our video needed to impress an audience used to the most advanced engineering, science and business. Anything less than spectacular would simply be unremarkable within such a pioneering industry. 

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3d animation development

Concept Development

Given the technical complexity and intricate detailing of this video, it was essential to remain in close contact with the Catapult team throughout every stage of production. Our designers developed storyboards, style frames and animatics as the video evolved, which allowed Catapult to collaboratively develop a style with us which perfectly represented both their branding and message.

Crafting Technical Beauty

One design element which evolved from its original concept was the objects that you’ll see as beautiful photorealistic representations. They started life stylised using the particles that still feature heavily throughout the video, before the decision was made to distinguish between the abstract data and these objects by presenting them in stunning 3D photorealism. Combining both styles elevates the video by adding a new dynamic relationship between the tangible and conceptual elements of the video's message.

Once the animatic was approved, our talented 3D motion designers took the video to the next level with detailed texturing and lighting. Carefully placed UI graphics are added which further allows viewers to envisage the practical applications of satellite technologies. Finishing touches took place in After Effects where final colour grading was applied, lens flares transform scenes, and the particles which play such a big role throughout the video get upgraded with a soft glow. The result, a sleek and beautifully modern animation which stands up to the advanced technology that it’s celebrating.

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