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Bringing Epic Games campaign to life

Creating 'Epic' Animation Campaign's

 One of the most notorious game engine and gaming platform organisations worldwide, Epic Games have been a client of Posh Gecko for a number of years. We were excited to receive a brief with the objective of publicising some of their exciting releases for 3rd party game developers in EOS (Epic Online Services).

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Changing Things Up

The brief called for a live action film series depicting the use of the new products. However, in the midst of the pandemic with many restrictions on production, we saw an opportunity to develop a new animated style for Epic Games, which would free our creativity and create new building blocks for a campaign style which could span into the future.

modern character animation

The Work

This suite of animations uses unique character design to depict the experiences gamers can have using the free tools now available to developers worldwide. Importantly, the messages are delivered without a scripted voiceover, prompting the viewer to concentrate on what is happening visually and understand the benefits. Whilst the overall concept is shared, each piece of content features a unique style and set of characters - to help give each EOS application its own identity.

Character-led Animations

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