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Attracting Top Talent

Featurespace is the world leader in enterprise financial crime prevention for fraud and anti-money laundering. With offices in Cambridge, London & Atlanta, they are always finding new ways to attract the best talent in the industry. Featurespace contacted us to create a short video, that would capture the culture and values of the organisation and assist with their recruitment efforts.

Making Introductions

During initial creative conversations two things became very clear, 1) They were keen to include the Featurespace team being interviewed to construct the narrative. 2) They didn’t want a boring, corporate,‘Talking Heads’ video devoid of fun or emotion.

Although the interviews would follow a tried and tested multi-camera set-up, we decided on a number of ways to lighten the mood and have some fun. These included, featuring a ‘behind the scenes’ angle, uplifting non-corporate music, innovative title transitions and additional outtakes at the end of the video.

“Cultivate an innovative, fun, and positive team atmosphere”

From the very first second, the video instantly grabs the viewers attention, with an innovative opening scene which overloads the senses with shots and audio from several interviews. The pace doesn’t let up from there, with fast cuts between colleagues discussing their role in the organisation in a fun and memorable style. Throughout the video, the viewer's interest is held with a mixture of camera angles and B-roll to give a glimpse behind the scenes of the office environment.

The final video was extremely well received by the Fetaurespace recruitment team and was such a success, we were subsequently asked to produce further videos for different aspects of the business.

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