A fresh take on explainer animation featuring abstract characters

A Fresh and Friendly Explainer Animation

While undergoing a full rebrand, Hireguide approached us looking for a bespoke explainer animation which would sit seamlessly within their new homepage and educate viewers about their key features, benefits and ease of use of their intuitive platform.

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A Brand with Character

With a shiny new brand, Hireguide were eager to celebrate this within their video. Colours, fonts and shapes were outlined in their brand guidelines which leant themselves perfectly to animation, giving our creative team a fun base to develop the animation style from. An abstract character design added to the modern feel of the video, perfectly complementing the new brand. 

A Memorable Message

Viewers are left already feeling familiar with the Hireguide process thanks to the concise and engaging guide section of the video which features animated replications of their interface. These interfaces are brought to life through interaction with both the characters and the instantly recognisable cursor icon which guides viewers through the key features and functionalities of Hireguide.

Bold text is used to wrap up the animation and deliver a strong final message, leaving viewers with a memorable takeaway. All of these details results in an explainer video that is both engaging and educational, keeping viewers watching and delivering all of Hireguide's key functions and features in under 2 minutes.

The Many Styles of Explainer Videos

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