A multi-dimensional explainer animation

An Ethereal Approach to Animation

HomeLINK leverages cutting edge home integration and analytics technologies to help both landlords and their residents create smarter and safer homes. Gaining the trust of residents is essential for everyone to benefit from the technology, that’s why HomeLINK came to us for an engaging and informative animation to explain the benefits of the HomeLINK device and app to tenants.

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homelink character animation explainer video

Minimising Distraction

Our animators designed an ethereal, zero-gravity environment in which viewers are taken on a journey, guided by our main protagonist as he discovers the power of HomeLINK. Instead of being distracted by a home setting, the focus remains on the functionality and benefits of the device and app. To contrast this, when the final message is delivered the viewer is pulled back to reality with the main character, showing his home and family, leaving viewers with a powerful reminder of who they’re creating a safer home for.

Collaborative Development

This project called for a collaboration of our team’s expertise, with 2D, 3D and character design all combining to create a truly multi-dimensional animation. In order to add depth to our dream-like environment, 3D sequences were developed in Cinema 4D and composited into After Effects where they were stylised in line with the rest of the animation. Careful attention was given to the lighting and camera movements, creating a feeling of travelling which further immerses viewers into the video's world.

The character's design was developed through a series of sketches and illustrations, exploring a range of style options. One key design choice was to include facial features instead of opting for a more abstract visual representation. This decision was a powerful one as we now see the character react to the device, bringing both to life in a more realistic and interactive way for the audience to connect with. 


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