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Filming With IKEA

Well-known and loved Swedish furniture retailer, IKEA, first came to us over five years ago with an exciting video brief. Over the years we've had the pleasure of working with many different teams at IKEA, concocting creative and compelling internal and external videos that capture the unique and fun characters at the heart of this awesome company.

We’re immensely proud to be the trusted production agency for such an established and successful global brand at the very forefront of their industry.

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IKEA Greenwich Store Launch

UK Flagship Store Launch

We were so excited when the IKEA team got in touch with a brief to create a video launching their new UK flagship store in Greenwich, London. Our team got straight to work developing a concept that encapsulated the quirky IKEA brand with iconic and modern London culture, whilst highlighting the sustainability of the new store.


Our writers managed to deliver a narrative that could be interpreted seamlessly as talking about IKEA or London, subconsciously suggesting that the two are synonymous. The final video manages to intrinsically weave the new IKEA Greenwich store into the diverse tapestry of London culture.

IKEA internal video production

Celebrating People

Community and people are intrinsic to “the IKEA way”. Even in such a rapidly growing company, they are able to include every individual, respecting and accepting their uniqueness. We have embraced these values and combined them with the quirky and fun style of IKEA to handcraft countless internal comms videos over the years.

We love it when the IKEA team get in touch as the usual internal comms rules do not apply. Our film crew have seen it all, from in-store musical productions to conversations between a store manager and the iconic IKEA Lion.

We’ve had the pleasure of being allowed a unique glimpse into the internal culture of IKEA and can safely say that they’re an awesome bunch of passionate individuals who we hope to continue working with on cool and unconventional videos.

“We have worked with Posh Gecko to film and produce films for the Co-workers in the UK and also for Co-workers in our global business. We particularly liked that the team were quick to pick up on the culture and feel of our business and portrayed this through the films produced. They have a vast knowledge of filming and were able to provide us with tips and advice about what works in terms of the way that the footage was shot to create the best impact.”

Holly Fuller, IKEA

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