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Launching Luma

With the launch of their revolutionary medical device approaching, Luma Health challenged the Posh Gecko team to create an inspiring launch video to captivate the minds of their target audience. Knowing how much first impressions matter, we set out handcrafting a powerful product video which highlighted key features, but most importantly, showed how the features empower the user to gain back control over their life.

Connecting with Audiences

The attention of Luma’s target audience is captured within seconds as their all-too-familiar daily challenges are addressed by the main character. It was important within the storytelling to not just list symptoms but to show an understanding of the impact they have on day-to-day life. With the scene set, and audience alert, Luma is introduced…

Powerful Storytelling

The power of the video comes firstly from understanding the target audience and building every element of the video around them. With this audience in mind, our team carefully selected the full cast, with special attention taken to casting the main character as someone that reflected the target audience and therefore someone with whom they can relate to. The same attention was given to script development, selecting the shoot location, music choice and voice over artist. All resulting in a refined video which resonates with, and inspires, viewers.

Secondly, the production process allowed for the story to be told via a variety of senses, beyond the visual elements of the original footage. This footage was enhanced by lighting, audio, colouring and an emotive script. All of these elements were utilised to emphasise the mood of the video, with a subtle shift at the introduction of Luma. The audience are transported from the slow and frustrating realities of today to a bright and energised future. During this stage we see how easy the Luma device is to use and the additional benefits provided by the Luma app. 

Smart Filming

Organisation during the pre-production stage of the project allowed the filming day to run efficiently. Selecting a shoot location which was both attractive to the target audience and, importantly, featured rooms which different styles allowed filming of all scenes to take place in one location and in just one day. Working efficiently in this way meant there were more resources available to focus on the quality of the footage. 

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