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A vibrant, brand-centric explainer video for internal comms

Explainer Video for Macmillan

With internal IT updates on the horizon, Macmillan Cancer Support needed to introduce the changes to their staff, ensuring a smooth transition to a new way of working. Through collaboration with partner agency Simmbiotic, we created a vibrant and engaging 2D animated explainer video to act as a teaching tool.

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Macmillan Explainer Video

2D explainer video

Our Approach

Simmbiotic handled the development of the script, creating a coherent narrative which provided our motion designers with a clear outline for the structure of the video. We carefully dissected the script, forming distinct sections that inspired the creation of graphics that would represent each of the section’s key message.

Staying On-Brand

The Macmillan brand guidelines were closely followed and even inspired a number of the design choices. Notably, the distinctive brush strokes which feature on the instantly recognisable Macmillan logo were integrated throughout the video to add texture and aid in the fluid transitions between scenes.

You may also notice the placement of coffee mugs at a few points - a nice little nod to the Macmillan coffee mornings. All in all, a clean illustration style, integrated seamlessly with existing Macmillan branding allowed the video to immediately feel part of Macmillan’s wider marketing material.

Captivate the Crowd

Company announcements can sometimes seem daunting or complicated, especially when it concerns technology. Our designers kept this video light-hearted and friendly with fun and abstract visualisations of concepts such as security and collaboration. Viewers are guided through the story with the help of textures which subtly flow through the screen and capture the audience’s attention. These graphics were crafted using Adobe Illustrator while the textures were created within Photoshop. Everything came together and was brought to life with motion within After Effects.

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