Mosaic Voice

Combining distinct characters and stylised graphics to create a unique explainer animation.

A Fresh and Playful Explainer Video for Mosaic Voice

Mosaic approached us for an explainer video to capture the attention of viewers and beautifully introduce their product to prospective buyers. The video would sit within their new website as well as take centre stage in targeted email campaigns during the company launch, therefore playing a major role within their marketing funnel, enticing potential customers to find out more.

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mosaic voice character animation explainer video

Start with Scripting

Having a concise and engaging pitch is one of the first challenges for any company. Our creatives spent time understanding the Mosaic Voice product and brand in order to refine their business message into a short script that succinctly introduces their product and celebrates its USPs. To keep to the 60-second brief set by Mosaic Voice, it was vital to get straight to the point. Instead of using the problem-solution structure that many explainer videos follow, we dive right into Mosaic Voice's functionalities and benefits.

mosaic voice motion graphics explainer video

Brand-led Style Development

The company's brand inspired many of our animator's design choices, ensuring the video complimented all other marketing assets and strengthening the Mosaic Voice brand. Their colour palette set the tone for the video and existing graphics on their website were replicated to maintain consistency. The remaining elements were developed with these in mind, including the friendly characters you meet who were all handcrafted to compliment the new branding and appeal to the target audience.

The Beauty in the Details

The animation was subtly stylised by replicating techniques found in print, particularly those found in retro comic books. Look a bit closer and you’ll notice the halftone gradient (very light dots) applied across the animation, creating added texture without overwhelming the visuals. Then we have the offset outlining of both the characters and the graphics, making them pop off the screen despite their 2D nature.

Clever camera angles and manoeuvring within After Effects created the dynamic transitions that really take viewers on a journey throughout this video. By utilising a 3D camera to move amongst the 2D elements a depth of field emerges, creating a more immersive experience for viewers as they interact with the characters and Mosaic Voice's UI. 

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