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Abstract Explainer Animation

Following a complete website re-design and branding refresh, OniGroup were seeking a vibrant explainer animation which could stand up alongside their fun and distinctive new style. Taking one look at their new website our animators were excited to get started on handcrafting a bold and lively animation to bring their unique services to life.

A Visual Transformation

As is always the challenge with service explainer videos, our team needed to establish a way to visually represent a number of intangible concepts, benefits and service features. Our creative team worked collaboratively with OniGroup to develop a narrative to inform and educate viewers. The script also acted as a guide for our animators who deconstructed it into sections and one by one brought these to life with visual representations. 

Style Development

The video’s graphic style was explored during the storyboarding phase before any animation started. Celebrating the new OniGroup branding was a huge influence and gave our designers a fantastic base to build from. Circular graphics were incorporated throughout the video to reinforce the brand, complemented by sleek icons which further strengthened the video’s key messages. With OniGroup’s approval, our motion designer proceeded to bring the video to life with animation.

The video truly came together with the introduction of continual, smooth movement and transitions. Each scene is seamlessly linked, taking viewers on an engaging journey across OniGroup’s business solutions in a way so much more memorable than text alone. But the production doesn’t stop there. A voice-over artist was carefully selected to tell the video’s story in a friendly, yet authoritative way, leaving viewers feeling confident about OniGroup's capabilities and excited to find out more.

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