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Our Animated Explainer Video for Pays XDR

Global fintech, Paysend, are revolutionising the way we move money around the world. In response to the evolving complexity of our global economy, Paysend have developed Pays XDR, a new kind of stable coin, managing the demands of cross border trading. Previously used exclusively by the international monetary fund, the world bank and central banks, they are now making XDR available for everyone.

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Pays XDR

Presenting XDR to the Masses

Paysend approached Posh Gecko, in search for a studio that could create a bespoke explainer video, highlighting the XDR platform benefits. Unlike previous marketing, this time the audience was the general public.

Introducing such a technical product to the wider public, especially those outside of financial services, meant the video needed to strike a balance between educating and entertaining viewers. Ultimate success would be measured via new leads registering for further information.

How We Created Pays XDR

The perfect script was the first challenge to overcome. It had to deliver the key message efficiently, without puzzling the viewer. Choice of language was critical, as was the level of detail delivered. This script would then form a foundation for the project to be built upon.

With a brand overhaul taking place in the background, Posh Gecko were supplied with a selection of reference materials that would need to inspire our design work. A careful blend of 2D and 3D motion graphics were then produced to visually aid our storytelling.

The Outcome

The final video now features on the homepage of the official Pays XDR website and serves as an introduction to the platform. This video also receives many positive remarks from businesses in search of their own explainer video.

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