Service explainer animations with character

Explainer Animations with Character

Vohkus offer a range of managed IT services and solutions to enable their clients to improve, innovate and succeed. Optimising the efficiency of technology to transform and excel businesses, ensuring they stay ahead of the competition. So where do we come in? Vohkus were looking for an explainer animation to introduce prospective clients to their unique full-service offering. With a broad range of services to encompass, this evolved into two videos, one introducing Vohkus and the second diving deeper into their core Desktop lifecycle management (DLM) service for those further down their marketing funnel wanting to know the nitty-gritty details before taking action.

Creative Exploration

The team over at Vohkus provided us with both a script and written storyboard which gave our creatives a great foundation to start exploring the best method to deliver their message in an engaging and memorable way. A vibrant 2D animation style heavily featuring icons and characters offered the perfect combination to visually communicate the many services and benefits offered by Vohkus.

Iconic Character

Distinctive icons are utilised throughout the video to create dynamic scenes which effortlessly transition to take viewers on a seamless visual journey. Characters are introduced to add a personable feel and connect with viewers further when introducing relatable workplace challenges they regularly face, before establishing Vohkus’ services as the ideal solution.

Twice as Nice

The second video was able to utilise a number of assets from the first video, resulting in a highly efficient way to generate two standalone videos. These assets were cleverly adapted and built upon to create a consistent look across both videos, while each delivered its own message. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the second video took longer to produce given its length. However, thanks to the existing asset library created during the first video, the second was also able to achieve a quicker turnaround. 

Producing two videos like this allowed Vohkus’s budget and timescale to be used in a highly effective manner as well as providing multiple pieces of new content for them to use across their marketing. You’ll see the videos featured across their website and social platforms, complimenting their brand and strengthening their marketing message by delivering a concise message while entertaining viewers and leaving them with a strong call to action.

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