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World Animal Protection are championing projects across the world to end the senseless cruelty and suffering of animals. By educating governments and communities, they are able to influence decision makers to put animal welfare on the global agenda. We’ve been honoured to work with World Animal Protection on a number of their global campaigns. It’s always a pleasure to work with such passionate people on projects that drive change.

Their team have always come to us with intriguing campaigns and an open mind to how we can visually portray them. We have continued this close relationship over the years, capturing the essence of each campaign and portraying the hard-hitting truth through exposing and inspiring videos.

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You Are What You Eat

You Are What You Eat

In their #RaisePigsRight campaign, World Animal Protection highlights the inhumane conditions in which pigs are kept in factory farming around the world. The campaign exposed the overuse of antibiotics in low welfare factory farms, resulting in meat harvesting superbugs ending up on supermarket shelfs and subsequently on your dinner plate.

Concept Was Key

Our challenge was to create an emotive social video campaign, bringing hard-hitting issues to life and acting as a catalyst for change. Our creative team were tasked with transforming the key messages into a powerful visual concept which could translate across several countries and cultures.

Using visual metaphors for suffering and disease, we created this striking film, reminding the viewer that ‘You are what you eat.’

Given the international audience, eleven versions of the video were produced, each with subtitles translated for their respective audience.

Celebrating Success

Following the success of #RaisePigsRight, World Animal Protection entrusted us again with their social campaign video for World Oceans Day 2019. Wanting to celebrate their achievements while raising awareness of the threats to our oceans, the video needed to strike the perfect balance between optimism and reality. 

Crafting a Clear Message

Credit to WAP on this project for providing us with a library of beautifully captured ocean wildlife footage. Our in-house editors were able to cherry pick the perfect shots and masterfully weave them together to create a fluid video which highlights the fantastic work being carried out by WAP across the world. Bespoke graphics were also crafted by our motion designers to clearly convey the video's core messages. Clarity was key with this video, not only to create the desired emotive response, but also to allow it to transcend language and culture - sending a message to all. 

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