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Constructing 3D environments to stylishly demonstrate product functionality

Immersive 3D Product Explainer

Brigade are pioneering worksite safety across the world with innovative and revolutionary solutions to common safety risks. One such innovation is their ZoneSafe® range. Brigade tasked us with creating an engaging and informative explainer video which introduces viewers to the capabilities of ZoneSafe’s products and technology. A variety of 3D animation styles beautifully come together in this product explainer video which places viewers in real-life inspired scenarios which not only introduces the features but demonstrates ZoneSafe’s RFID technology in action. 

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product and character 3D animation

Development Process

The first step was to establish a powerful and informative script which delivers Brigade’s key messages and educates viewers to make an informed decision. This narrative was developed collaboratively between our in-house creatives and the Brigade team to ensure the script was both accurate and engaging. Once the script was refined, our creative team and animators joined forces to develop both written and visual storyboards to explore and perfect the video’s concept and style before diving into 3D production. 

Style with Purpose

The video features a variety of 3D compositions, using these distinctive designs to instantly distinguish between supportive graphics and the products themselves. You’ll notice that only ZoneSafe products and selected zones are treated to colour, evoking a high visual impact against the greyscale environments. The addition of colour also provides a truly photorealistic effect for these elements, in contrast to the stylised 3D elements that surround them.

Brigade supplied visual references of the ZoneSafe tags and units which were closely studied in order to handcraft precise 3D model replicas within Cinema 4D. To ensure the video was produced efficiently, additional 3D assets were purchased to complete the construction site across a number of scenes. Our motion designer brought all of this together on a virtual platform ‘in the sky’ which is explored across a number of scenes illustrating real-life scenarios of the ZoneSafe equipment and technology in action.

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