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The Client

Hays is the worlds largest specialist recruitment agency, placing talented individuals into 1 million roles in the past four years.

The Brief

Hays came to Posh Gecko seeking an animated explainer video to provide an engaging overview of their business, aimed at potential investors. The aim of the video was to leave viewers with a clear idea of how Hays operate, while conveying their investment value. Key messages to feature included their business model, culture, results and sustainability.

With such an established brand, Hays wanted the video to immediately feel part of their global branding.

The Process

Through exploration of our own portfolio, the animation style was established, favouring a 2D approach with a heavy technology influence.

To convey the wealth of information required of this video, a range techniques were employed through the 2D animation style, including:

  • Infographics – visually representing statistics and other technical elements of the script
  • Character scenes – bringing a human element to the video
  • Software representations – simplified representations of software and its use
  • Voiceover – guiding the viewer through the story

Working closely with Hays, our creative team developed the script, encompassing the key messages and giving inspiration for the visual development of the video.

The team then produced a static storyboard, allowing Hays to see how each part of the animation would work and visually portray the script.

Then, and this is were the magic happens, our animation team set out crafting the bespoke final piece!

The Outcome

The final video now features on the Hays Investors homepage, is regularly shared on their social media and has even been nominated for an award “Bespoke use of multimedia in IR” commending the integration of video for heightened investor and analyst engagement.