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Autodesk – KOLB

The Client

Autodesk, Inc. is an American multinational software corporation, creating software services for the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media, education, and entertainment industries.

Autodesk have come to Posh Gecko for the production of numerous marketing videos and we were delighted to be their go-to for this project involving filming at the Kolb Design Technology showroom in Germany.

The Brief

It was clear from the start that the key to nailing this brief was to deliver a stunning visual presentation of the cutting edge vehicle modelling techniques and software in action. Specifically, Autodesk wanted to showcase their technology in use at the Kolb Design Technologies showroom and demonstrate the dynamic application of the software and its integral role within the vehicle modelling process, alongside human craftsmanship. The technologies to showcase included:

  • Clay milling process
  • Model scanning
  • VR Interaction


to create a video as beautifully designed and

crafted as the technology it’s showcasing

The Process

Our film crew spent two days at the Kolb showroom capturing footage of the Concept Line machinery in all its glory, featuring shots of the machine in action and behind the scenes access to the programming, giving viewers meaningful insight. Having full and exclusive access to the manufacturing areas, equipment and staff was vital to ensure a smooth filming process as well as a visually flawless final piece.

To achieve the quality of footage required, a cinema-grade camera was used, resulting in a richer, higher quality image. A Steadicam operator was also brought in, allowing the flexibility to move around the clay model, machinery and operators while still producing a smooth and seamless motion for the final edit. Each shot was further crafted to perfection with professional lighting, creating the precise desired aesthetics.

To resonate that bit more and remind viewers of the true outcomes made possible with Autodesk technology, our editors incorporated licensed existing footage of the JLR Discovery.

The video was finished with a professional voiceover delivering the refined script, reinforcing the story being shown on screen.

The Outcome

The final video takes viewers on journey of discovery into the world of innovative design, demonstrating the speed and efficiency achieved with such technology and the collaboration that it allows. Take a look for yourself…