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The Client

Furukawa Electric Group are a Japanese electric and electronics company, developing advanced sustainable materials and solutions for a range of industries.

The Brief

Furukawa came to Posh Gecko looking for an engaging and informative video to showcase their Green Trough product; a versatile and lightweight cable route management system. They outlined several key features and benefits which would form the main messages of the video.

Furukawa required two core versions of the video, each featuring the same content, however tailored to two distinctive brands within the Furukawa Group.

They were also looking to generate content for their social media platforms and requested short (10 second) clips to be taken from the full length video and formatted for social media. 

THE CHALLENGE –  bring design and beauty

together in a seamless explainer video, leaving

the viewer with a full understanding of the

product without information overload.

The Process

3D animation was the obvious choice to highlight the many benefits and features of Green Trough with appealing visuals that quickly grab and hold the viewer’s attention.

Our creative team got to work exploring 3D animation styles to compliment the Furukawa brands, product and video objectives. The decision was made to present the product on clean backgrounds and not within its intended environments. This allows the product to be the real star of the show, avoids the message becoming too industry specific (important given the troughs many possible applications) and results in impactful, concise scenes.

A full storyboard was shared with Furukawa, allowing them to see our vision for the style and flow of the entire video before any animation began.

To achieve photorealism, a number of resources were provided to our animators. A cross section sample of the product was referenced for texturing and photos allowed us to gain an understanding of how the trough reacts to light in real life. No detail is spared when it comes to photorealistic 3D animation.

Dynamic text, fluid transitions and seamless motion graphics would all aid in showcasing the products features and demonstrate how these key elements make Green Trough the obvious choice for Furukawa’s target audience.

Background music was carefully selected to compliment the overall feel of the video without detracting from the key messages and information being conveyed on-screen.

The rebranding process saw the final approved video reinvented with brand colours, fonts and additional animation.

The Outcome

The final animation delivers a bespoke, branded and product-focused video which delves into the multitude of design features that makes Green Trough the innovative solution that it is. 

The videos refined and contemporary style allows the key messages to be conveyed without the viewers being overloaded by lengthy product descriptions and jargon.

You can find the video on their dedicated Green Trough page and across their official social accounts.