Powerful Explainer Videos

An explainer video is typically a short but sweet animated video that summarises your business pitch in a fun, witty and memorable way. The good ones are both educational and entertaining, generally explaining what your company offers, what problem it solves for your customers and why your solution is the best option on the market.

Explainer videos are also perfect when it comes to launching new products and services, particularly if a new product is highly technical or revolutionary within it's industry. Our in-house team are experienced in delivering powerful explainer videos.

Build Brand Awareness

Before anything is created we’ll likely ask you for your brand guidelines, this allows us to ensure consistency with the rest of your content. Explainer videos which align with your established branding will boost recognition with existing customers and build awareness for new ones. A little like this brand-centric animation we created for Macmillan.

Bond with Your Audience

If you opt for a character animation, we can customise the characters around the video’s target audience (style, look, age, etc.). This generates a stronger emotional bond with your audience and helps them relate with the message. Check out our character-led explainer video for the IMEC Cadet Programme.

Pitch Perfect Products

Whether you’re launching a revolutionary new product, or you want to enhance the marketing content for your flagship product, explainer animations offer the perfect opportunity to celebrate everything that makes your product the best in the market. Showcase your product in photorealistic 3D animation, like our recent video for Brigade which demonstrates the capabilities of their ZoneSafe RFID technology in action.

More Explainer Video Goodness

There's method to our madness...

Every successful video starts with a great idea. Our creative minds will take your brief and brand and develop your unique video concept, designed to connect with your audience and deliver results. Once that's in the bag, all projects follow these three main milestones...

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Our talented writers will transform your content into a script that’s ready for video. We can write your entire script for you, or simply recommend amendments to your existing script.


Our artists will bring your script to life, scene by scene with a considered blend of creativity and vision. This stage gives your script a true level of depth and another chance to review content.


You can sit back and relax. It's time for us to work our magic and bring everything together, lovingly handcrafting your masterpiece! 

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