Link Humans

Turning complex into clarity with vibrant animation

Turning Complex into Clarity with Vibrant Animation

Link Humans help companies understand their reputation as an employer, enabling them to attract and retain the right talent. Their strength lies in the large data sets which they use to determine meaningful and actionable insights. However, understanding that their target audience are not statisticians, the main challenge faced by our animators was to create a video that highlights the power of this data without overwhelming or confusing viewers.

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Audience Focused Design

Instead of focusing solely on the data, we concentrated on what this data allows companies to achieve. This angle gave our animators clear direction. Instead of a futuristic/techy aesthetic, a bright and vibrant 2D animation style featuring quirky and distinctive characters was the optimal choice for the purpose and audience of this video.

Style Development

A variety of colour palettes and character designs were explored during the style framing stage before progressing on to creating a full storyboard. Our Link Humans characters began life with a more geometric look and lived in a dark purple environment, quite different to what you saw in the finished piece. These both evolved, resulting in a subtle feature of purple throughout the video's scenes, as well as the characters shapes being softened to create a more friendly aesthetic.

Link Humans also specified the inclusion of icons they feature across their marketing to illustrate their 16 ‘indicators'.  These were seamlessly integrated within the video to ensure consistency with the existing Link Humans branding without contrasting with the established animation style. With a strong storyboard, script and character design poised and ready, all of these elements were brought together with beautiful animation.

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