A striking 3D photorealism product showcase

A Striking Photorealistic Product Showcase

VADO is a leading British bathroom brassware manufacturer providing high quality taps, showers, accessories and fittings to customers across the globe. With a new product range launch on the horizon they approached Posh Gecko for a striking product showcase video that would celebrate the ingenuity of their product design and manufacturing.

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Conceptual Designs

In order to build excitement, the video's structure would mirror the natural progression of the production process. Viewers are first exposed to the raw materials as the origin point, before exploring the manufacturing stage and are finally beautifully presented with the finished products. Our Motion Designers developed conceptual visual representations for each stage, showcasing the elements in a variety of understated environments which hit the perfect balance of interesting and yet subtle enough to let the product remain the star of the show. 

A Visceral Journey

Viewers are taken on a journey from materials to finished product in under 90 seconds of opulent visuals which evoke the senses. Celebrating the production stages in this way effortlessly conveys the durability, craftsmanship and elegance of the products. Product models were provided by the team at VADO and transformed by our talented 3D Motion Designers into the striking photorealistic result that you see in the final video. An abundance of simulations were utilised to convey water droplets, flowing smelted metals and fine grains. These details jump off the screen thanks to skilfully applied effects that, like the products themselves, make you want to reach out and touch them.

With the products largely speaking for themselves, carefully selected titles complement the visuals and convey the VADO brand message, further reinforcing the quality of their products. These were carefully added into the scenes in order to complement the visuals and not overpower them.

Viewers senses are further invigorated by the dramatic music track that resembles that of an epic Hollywood trailer, building intensity and interest as the products are beautifully revealed. Additional sound effects further elevate the video, accentuating the visuals and immersing viewers into the screen.

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